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So about a month ago some friends & I decided to go to CP for this past weekend for two sole reasons: 1: gay day on fathers day & 2: my bf hadn't ever been to CP.

So we arrive to CP after a nice 11 hour drive from MA (saturday). We get our starlight tickets and head into the park and go directly to Mantis to see some old friends who work there.... We rode only a few things that night: Mantis, Corkscrew, Power Tower (launch), and a few others. I heard while checking in at Breakers that TTD was finally up and running, but we decided we'd hold out, and wait till sunday "joe cool." Well good thing we did, it was actually endearing to see loads of people waiting for that ride once it was down. I had worked at CP before in Rides, so I already had that feeling that it was down for the night (& it was). So to end that day, we rode MF at night & then we just went to Steak & Shake and pigged out... ;0)

SUNDAY: OMG what to say? This has by far been the best "Father's Day" I've attended! ;0) We arrived UBER-early, and of course TTD wouldnt work yet...After riding Magnum 6 times (no one was riding it during jow cool, everyone headed stright to MF). We decided to keep walking around and socialising with old friends and such. As the day warmed up, so did the guests.... Finally TTD opened and we RAN from Mine Ride to TTD. Thank god for sprinting, because they closed the line, and just let whoever was in line ride...We had that one hour block, and i was soo grateful to finally be able to ride!

I still am trying to recover from that experience! It was just phenomenal, from waiting in line, to riding, just unreal! It's funny to watch everyone in line (including myself) just watching every train that gets launched, even though we all know what's gonna happen, it was still mind blowing. Finally we got to ride, and it was well worth the 11 hour drive! We finished the rest of the day by walking around and riding every single coaster, and a few spin & puke's (I don't handle those too well) To everyone we met, I hope y'all had a great time, to those that wondered who that loud, large group (there was 24 of us at one point) was, I hope y'all had a blast listening to us being catty, funny, and living it up (espcially when ever the cowboy guy appeared shirtless!)

peace love and hairgrease,


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I too made it in that one-hour block. Right place at the right time.

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What is a "one hour block"? Like, did they literally just allow a small number of guests in line and knowingly planned to close the line just to give a few folks the experience...perhaps because they didn't want to inflict to much wear on the ride? I am confused by that. If that is the case though that's nice of them. Wish I could have been that lucky when I went, but of course I still had a great day.
No, Jason, I believe they intended on having it open longer, but conditions didn't allow for that, and once they realized it, they closed the line but let everyone in ride.

Sure hope they figure out that thing soon!

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