CP Trip (3 days, 1 hour) 6/16-19

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We left for the Point from Michigan around 4PM, pushed thru construction, and got to our camper spot at 7. Being a Thursday, the park was not well populated, and our friends at the site next to us rushed us into the park. Suprisingly, I had never ridden the Dragster before, and I rode it for my first time that night, with minimal wait. Ride was a complete rush, definetly beating out Millenium for my second favorite ride (being a stouch Raptor fanboy) It started raining soon after, so we headed back to the camper to sleep.

Next morning: Woke up at 7, had breakfast, and left for the rear gates at 8:30. Getting in early is always a plus, and allowed me to get to the Dragster again early, getting on the second train. Another rush, felt quite good. Heading back to the camper, we decided to hit the Witches Wheel (no wait, of course). Didn't really feel as good after riding on Dragster. After waiting at the camper until 10 (goddamn ride times), we went back and rode the magnum. Running very smooth, but the guy next to me sounded like he was gonna throw up. From Magnum, me and the two kids I was watching went over to the Gemini. Red Car's (ours) lift hill was running very loud and slow, but still finished ahead of the blue car. After Gemini, I dragged the kids (one willing, one not) to MaxAir. I loved it, it's really crazy, and the weightless feeling feels great. Unfortunatly, the OTS restraint was not good for one of the kids, due to the claustrophobia (anyone else notice how far out those things go?). Being a mildly hot day, we went back to the camper to go to soak city. About 5ish, we went back into the park, and was able to get on Dragster (again) with only a 15 minute wait. Gotta love Fridays, eh? After the Dragster ride, we went to Magnum again, which was running less smoothly, but still decently enough to be fun. We went to Gemini (damn, those kids LOVE that ride), and noted that they had stopped running the red car completely, and only sent the blue. The ride was FAST with the one car running. This also, unfortunatly, made it rough. VERY rough.The spiral thing at the end, and the whiplash with the breaks did NOT feel good. Limping back to the camper, we had dinner, and decided to go into the park with the whole group (seeing as the 3 coming in from the marina had finally made it). We all decided to go on (you geussed it) Dragster again, which was another rush. I can't recall sleeping that night, but I must have...

Next Morning

Woken up at 8:45. Not good. Threw on my clothes and left the camper as the anthem was ending. HUGE line, as they seem to integrate the lines, instead of making two for tickets, and one for us lucky season ticket holders. Once I actually GOT inside, I decided to bypass the huge Dragster line (wasn't running) to go to the Raptor (didn't think this one opened at 10). I didn't know they let normal people somewhat into the park until 9:30 from the front gates, and was quite a sight. Got on Raptor (2nd train, stickler for front), ran the smoothest I have EVER ridden on it. No head banging until the final brakes, which I find remarkable. Coming out of the Raptor, EVERYTHING was packed, so I decided to head to the Magnum, where a "Mechanical Failure" prompted me to go back to the camper. Leaving the camper with kids in tow, We headed for Gemini (WHY AGAIN?!?!). Both cars were running today, and quite smooth, and I got slightly more hangtime then usual. Heading around the back end of the park, we got FastPasses for Millenium (6-7) and Mantis (2-3) (anyone know why Millenium pass is Mill, and Mantis is SU95?). Heading to the Midwayish area, one of the kids just HAD to spend 5$, so we spent an HOUR looking for good games. All the lines in the park at this point were HUGE, so we decided to wait until our Mantis Fastpasses time was up. We got in line for the Mantis, 15 minute wait. I will NEVER master how to sit on this ride, and it gave me a damn good leg cramp halfway thru the ride, keeping it as my 2nd to least favorite (Mean Streak holds the highest honor). We decided to head back to the camper, and we spent 3 hours at Soak City, and witnessed a "Bikini Malfunction". Heading back to the park (with a barely noticeable stamp on my hand, we made it onto Millenium. Not going on it for a year makes you forget how great it really is, and how fast it feels, with no pain (I'm looking at you, Magnum). Heading for the back entrance, we got on Magnum, and I sat in the front car. Wasn't as fun as I thought it would be, but it was more rough then the other times I rode it. Around 9, me and some other idiots decided to go on the water rides. ALL of them. Of course, the water was damn cold, but I always remembered the small log flume getting you more wet. After a 2 hour stint in the hot tub, I went back to the camper for sleep

Last Morning

Waking up at 7:30, leaving at 8:15, getting in the park 9th, having to wait 7 cars for front on Dragster. Front car HAS to be experienced for the Dragster, blows everything out of proportion. SO much more of a rush then any of the other seats. We decided this would be our sunbathing day, so after one quick ride on Gemini (decent, not really good or bad), we sat at Soak City the rest of the day, and ate our own, poorly hidden food. All in all, a great trip....but too many Gemini rides.

Sorry if it's not good, don't have much experience writing these.

You did OK. It's a nice tr. Another great place to witness "clothing malfunctions" is in line for Dragster. Tube Tops don't seem to stay in place for some od reason ;)

#1 Steel: Sky Rush
#1 Wood: Voyage
#1Park: Holiday World

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