CP: Shoot The Rapids, Finally! 7/10

Note: I put in the wrong date... Changed it, but it did not change on the main forum. This was from 7/10, not 6/10! :)

Finally, Shoot the Rapids opened last night for the first time when I was there... I have been there three times since it opened and has always been down for one reason or another. It opened just as I was walking by around 10pm and it was a walk-on. I went for the back row but was told to go to front row, as they put heaviest up front and everybody else on the boat were <15 years old... Simply put, I was surprised on how much I really loved the ride!

The tunnel was excellent at the beginning of the ride with extremely dense mist, pitch black. Was quite creepy and actually reminded me of a section of a dark-ride. One area had a cutout with a themed truck behind it which was cool. The first drop was excellent with a nice splash at the end. I really love those shallow, long drops. The run out at the end was fun and I really prefer this to the instant-splash at the end of the drop like that of Snake River Falls. The back area is quite nice with the themed areas and canyons which splash you a little bit (but do not dump water on you). Second hill was awesome through the "rapids" and reminded me a lot of Dudley Do Right at IOA to be honest, where you cant even open your eyes from the wall of water hitting you. I really enjoyed the geysers on the back half of the ride as well, erupting as you went by. I felt the ride length was perfect, pretty long ride (which I like) :)

Another plus was that they let you remove your shoes/socks prior to boarding. Otherwise, your feet would be under-water due to lack of boat-drainage until you reach the lift. Seriously, there is about 10" of water in the boat after the drops. Don't wear your shoes/socks.

I had little to no expectation for this ride but ended up loving it. Next weekend I plan to wear some swim-trunks and flip-flops and enjoy the ride many times (and hope the wait is light!). The length was perfect, the ride was fun, and I really enjoyed it as a whole. I feel bad I doubted this ride so much to be honest, I loved it. Much better than Pilgrims Plunge (if you don't mind me comparing!), and is superior to the old log-flume at CP for sure.

Sure, you get soaked... But at least the water is clean, chlorinated and the water temp was perfect. Everybody on the boat seemed to love the ride as well. Hopefully it is just as fun during the day as it is at night, because it really was beautiful. The views from the lifts were awesome, the excellent lighting throughout the course really made for a spectacular night ride... It was just great fun. :)

Thumbs up from me... I just hope they can fix the reliability issues! Look forward to riding more all season, especially with how hot it has been. I think CP did well with this ride, people just need to give it an honest chance.

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"I have been there three times since it opened and has always been down for one reason or another." That's ridiculous. I usually don't come across negative on this site, but I seriously wonder what was wrong all those times. I mean its not like their working with unproven technology here. The ride uses a chain lift and then what? (sigh) Anyways glad you had a good time and enjoyed it!

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