CP Sept 21, 2003 Great day.

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What a great day. The weather was perfect and not much of a crowd. I took Peter, a shooting buddy from my sportsman's club who hasn't been to the Point in quite a long time. We got into the park at about 10:45. We started walking back to MF to get our freeway stamp. On the way, we decided to hit the Power Tower because we still had a few minutes before they started to issue stamps. Peter decided to ride the Power Shot side, because he has already ridden the Pitt Fall at Kennywood. He loved it.

After PT, we headed over to MF and got a hand stamp for 2-3 and then jumped into line. The line was short, only about a half hour wait. They had some kind of trouble and the line stopped moving for about ten minutes. People just started to leave the line when I saw a train start up the hill. I yelled up to the people who were climbing out of line and told them that it started up again and they thanked me and got back in line. The line for the front seat was very long, so we opted for the back seat. Peter just loved it. I told him wait, you haven't been in the front yet.

Next, we headed over to Mantis. Line started at the bottom of the steps. We waited for the front seat. Peter liked it, but said that it hurt his neck. We walked past Iron Dragon, Peter thought that it looked slow.

Next was TTD. The line was long, but I had two freeway passes from a previous trip. I screwed up and got into the left line up to the station. The line for the front seat actually extended back past the turnstile into the main line, so we went into the station and got the second seat of the blue train. He was really impressed and couldn't stop talking about it. What an incredible ride.

Next, we hit Magnum three times in a row, it was walk on. First two rides were in the back seat, red train and then the black train. Third ride was the front seat in the red train again. Peter was really impressed with this ride and loved all of the bunny hills at the end. He likes the back better than the front.

After the Magnum, we took a trip on Gemini. Only the red trains were running. Peter seemed a little disappointed that it was actually a steel coaster on a wooden structure, but we still enjoyed the ride.

We hit the restroom then headed back to the Mean Streak. Less trimming on the first hill than usual made the first half or the ride good, but they still slowed us way down at the blocking brakes. Peter actually said "What's wrong? they're taking our fun away." The second half was slow and we had no air as usual. Peter still liked the ride though.

It was a little after 2 now, so we grabbed a corn-dog and then headed back to MF with our freeway stamp. This time we waited for the front seat. Peter was just blown away. We were seated and he said, "Where's the front of the train? There is no front. It's so low." He was much more impressed with the height of the hill and the speed this time. He could not stop talking about it and it is now his favorite ride.

We headed back up to the front of the park to hit the Raptor. It was walk on and trains were running about half full. We went for the back and I told Peter to take the right seat as it seams to be the best for me. We walked around and got back in line for a second ride. They decided to take one of the trains out of service, so we had to wait a few minutes while they put a train on the storage track. We took the back seat again, this time on the left. Peter was surprised at the difference in the ride that you get from one side to the other, but loved both rides.

Next we took a ride on the Blue Streak. A great old coaster with some good air.

Over to WT for a back seat ride. Peter was impressed with the twist going up the rear spike.

Next was a walk on ride on DT. Peter had fun, but was disappointed that the ride was so short.

It was now about 5 p.m. and we needed to leave at 6, so we walked back for another ride on TTD. It was broke down and people waiting said that it had been down for about 15 minutes, so we headed back over to Magnum. Two more back seat rides. When we returned to t he station, TTD launched. We went over and they had just started to let people back in line. Peter said that we did not have time. I ran up to the top of the bleachers and looked down in and saw that the line was only back to the split, so we jumped in line. It went back down again and they stopped letting people in again. About five more minutes and they started running it again. The trains were barely making it over the top, but they were and it started running again and the line opened back up. We did not have time to wait for a front seat ride, so we just took the shortest line and got in the fifth row of the green train. What a great way to finish a great day. I purchased some fudge and then we headed for home.

2003 Parks: Cedar Point, SFWOA, Kennywood, PKI, MIA, SFGAM, SFKK and HW.
Still deciding where to go in 2004.

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