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On a lighter note, I just received in the mail Ken Miller's Cedar Point Rolling Through the Years Atlas, and I am pretty blown away. It is huge and pushing 400 pages of visual information.

I'm still flipping through it, but it is a dense impressive tome with an encyclopedia level of information (organized as such)! Every steamship that floated to the point, every CPLE train, of course every roller coaster...

There is a page cut sheet of each season since 1960 that chronos major events that year (flanked with the respective season's park map). It focuses mostly on the modern amusement post-war park.

Most impressive is almost everything included feels fresh. Concept art and rarely before seen historical photos. Not the generic stock photos or angles everyone has seen before. It is a hefty price point, but worth it, imo. And definitely will take a while to absorb.

I was mad that I didn’t go ahead and order the limited release edition when it first came out. Especially when I saw photos of how beautiful it looks.
Then one sleepless night I saw on FB where he mentioned the last run had arrived from the printer and there were very few still available. I hopped on it and can’t wait to see my copy.

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So I presume that means there are none available anymore?

The limited run with the variant (better) cover is on sale still. Not sure the release or price point of the mass market.


Mine is scheduled to arrive in 5 days, mailed on the 3rd. I paid a hundred bucks or so. There was no other info on the site except to say that (after all advance orders were filled, I presume) there is a very limited number still available.

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If you still haven't gotten your copy, and don't want to pay shipping, they are currently available at the carousel museum and Hotel Breakers. Once the park opens, they will be available there as well, obviously.

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