CP Paddlewheel Boats: We're not dead yet!...

...We just cost money now!!

It appears that the old CP Paddlewheel boats are now offering trips around the bay at CP for a price. It's called Cruise the Bay:


I don't see a price listed, but it's a 40 minute tour.


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Yeah they started offering those a year or two ago. I think one of the PointCast videos featured it. They should have plenty of extra boats now. ;)

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Yeah, these trips around the bay excursions use one of the boats taken out of service at the end of 1986 when Western Cruise was redone to become Paddlewheel Excursions in 1987. The WC boats now on the bay are larger than those used on PE up through 2011.


Thanks. Crazy things I guess I never new about the Point... I saw they offered those fishing excursions...but I never stumbled across the paddle wheel boats. Have any idea how much CP charges for this?

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CP did not advertise them in the brochure or map last year, so unless you saw the guy standing on the midway, or by Famous Dave's, you did not know it was there. They are on the map and guidebook this year. We did the cruise quite a bit on those extra busy days. Heck, they even dropped us off closer to our car in the parking lot last year during Halloweenends the Saturday of Columbus Day weekend. Great guys running the boat!! The cost was $10, or $8 if you were a Platnum Pass Holder. It is really worth the money to see a side of the Point most people don't get to see. It is really good for photo shoots too. Cannot wait to get to the Point!!!


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I'm not sure if they are still there or not. But, the last time I was at the Point, the Paddlewheel boats were sitting in the employee lot on the Sandusky side of the causeway (where you drive under the pedestrian bridge.)

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