CP Opening Weekend 2004

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Opening day ran very smoothly this year. With no new major attraction, it gave the park more of an opportunity to focus on everything.

Top Thrill Dragster: Didn't break down as often as it has in the past, but rollbacks were frequent. Overall, it was very consistent.

Millennium Force: With only two trains running, capacity was a little bit slower due to a longer wait in the station. However, they managed to do very well.

Wicked Twister: Broken down for about half of the day, but when it was running, it was very smooth. They were filling the station for part of the day though, rather than letting in 32 people at a time.

Disaster Transport: The themeing seems to be coming back slowly, but don't expect anything soon. Lines were very short.

Raptor: Lines were about normal, usually floating around an hour and a half. The new entrance location makes it possible for more people to fit on that part of the midway.

Magnum XL-200: Running perfectly, with very little waits.

Gemini: Running both sides for most of the day, but the blue train seemed to be much farther ahead of the red train at most times.

Meanstreak: While new has been added (or taken away), the ride seemed much smoother than usual.

Mantis: One train operation, so lines were very long.

Iron Dragon: The new paint makes the ride stand out much more than ususal.

What's new in 2004?
While there was new major attraction, several things have been added around the park.

-Soak City's "Splash Zone" is near complete.
-Lighthouse Point's expansion is complete, and looks stunning.
-Iron Dragon received a new coat of paint. At first, it looks like the ugliest thing in the world, but once you get used to it, it's not so bad.
-Donut Time, a new bakery, is located on the Main Midway and lets people in before the park official opens.
-There is a new permanent Dippin' Dots stand located near the end of the Main Midway.
-Dodgem has a new sign located above it, giving it a more "carnival" type feel.
-"Half-Court HOOPS" was moved from next to Demon Drop to near Millennium Force.
-And much, much more.

Currently, the only photos I have now are on MSN. I plan to put them on the site soon.
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You got the facts down right, but did you have a good time? I sure did.

By the way, when waiting to get in the park, I was right behind you. I was the kid with a blue CP hoody. ;) Nice to meet some fellow enthusiasts.

I don't remember seeing with a CP hoodie...
Were you with Jon and the other guys?

And yes, I had a great time. :D

Nope, I don't know people here by name, I'm new here. I was behind you, but I didn't talk to you. I was next to a little chubby girl (my sis) and the average aged woman (my mom). I also ran past you when we ran to TTD. If you don't remember me, no big deal. Glad you had a good time.
cool TR, I can't wait till I go there later this summer

51 days baby!

coasterqueenTRN's avatar
Your TR pretty much nailed it. I noticed TTD seemed to have more breakdowns but the duration of the down time was not very long. Still INTENSE! My first ride Saturday morning was the ultimate. GOD it had been so long.....;-) So surreal, so erotic, so dream-like. DAMN I love this thing! Got 5 rides over the weekend but no rollback.........yet. ;-)

The whole time I was there I did not see WT running. Of course I wasn't alway looking.

Mean Streak REALLY surprised me! Whatever they did I like it! MUCH improvement!

Magnum, Raptor, and Gemini were running as wild and awesome as ever!

Glad you had as much fun as I did! I met up with several Buzzers and friends throughout the weekend so I had MUCH fun! Felt great to be "home". ;-) The crowd I hung out with (Arrow Guy, CP Lady, The Real CP, and Kristin) during most of Saturday was a blast. OMG I never laughed so hard in my life! You guys rock!

Sean, awesome catching up with you again as well. We always seem to catch up with each other when we are leaving or getting ready to do something else! lol.

Playing some much-needed DDR, eating some much-missed chili cheese fries, and enjoying the beautiful weather were highlights of this past weekend. It's the simple things in life make me happy, ;-)


<--------who is sore from the sunburn, tired, hungover, grouchy from lack of sleep, but happy and satisfied from the 'Gasms.

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<--------who is sore from the sunburn, tired, hungover, grouchy from lack of sleep, but happy and satisfied from the 'Gasms.

I can attest to everything you said up to the gasms.

And by the way, do your feet hurt? Mine still do!

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Not really, but my legs do! lol. Dunno if that was from the walking or the intense positive G's on Raptor final double helix or the DDR. Maybe all of them. lol.

I invest in good shoes so my feet usually doesn't hurt, especially at parks.


<-----who swears by Timberlands.

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Great trip report bud and it was nice talking to you before the park opened on Sunday. (I was the one wearing the CB Hoody)



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Where's the DDR? I spent part of my weekend looking for the machines but no luck:-P

~Rob Willi

The DDR machine (note its not plural) is located a little was back in the main arcade, near the ski ball machines. they have also seemed to have turned down the volume on the machine, as you could hear other games over DDR when you were playing it.
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I know! I liked it better at it's original location near the entrance.

It took me a little while to find it as I couldn't hear it right away. :-(

One of my only gripes about CP is that they only have the one DDR machine, unless I missed something.

They could benefit from adding one or two more throughout that arcade, as well as one in every other arcade in the park.


Hi there moggzie here AKA DaZZa :-) i have been reading this message board for the last 6 mnthz or more i spose on and off b4 that but i just signed up today a bit late really as i am on my way to CedarPoint Coaster park Extravaganza! YIP YIP YIP Yippppppeeeeeee i will be at the park on the 24th May Monday to Thursday 28th May a nine year dream of mine to get 2 CP, ya dun get those sorts of coaster rides in aussie land hehehe(Australia)! Prolly not the right post to Reply to this one plz excuse me, but i guess i getting a little excited about comming to this area of USA! 11 dayz 2 go and i be there in Coaster Land!

Was wondering what it will be like that week at CP or if anyone would like to meet up with a 34yr old male big kid hehehehe! Just for Fun or to share some ride experiences with me (nice guy well i think hehehe) Or could some of you share with me your secrets that i might/prolly not know, of places to do or see in sandusky or in the park 4 that matter CHEERZ. I understand if no one wishes to meet up or maybe a ride op could say g'day or let me know what ride they working on would be great to me so i can say hiya i am traveling alone (no sob story i wanted it this way). I will be at Cedarpoint 4 days :-) Then maybe Geurgea Lake 29th May. My annual Leave trip has sort of turned into a Coaster Park Trek as after CP, GL? i going hopefully to St Louis sixflags, if i can get to Eureka by Greyhound then making my way to Memphis and SFOT at Dallas then the Grand Canyon Las Vegas and Back To LA aswell as other thingz along the way, LA was where my fascination started way back in 91 where i stopped over in LA on a 8mnth backpacking trip, where i went to Magic Mountain for a day which still is a highlite of my trip going on those rides was brilliant to a small country town boy!

Thankz for reading and taking the time to reply hope to read from someone sooon wont take up anymore of you guyz and dollz time thankz for listening and keep on coasting All The Best2all

ChEeRz moggzie :-)

What is a DDR machine and those Chillie fries sound brilliant aswell as cheese on a stick hehehe see i been taking notes hahahaha! So looking forward to riding TTD MF and so many other rides across the USAland thankz all Daz :-)

All my photos are now available on Webshots. There's about 200, so take some time to check 'em out!
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You should be very proud of those pics. They are outstanding. Good job!

Thank you very much!
Nice TR Josh! And I also agree that those are very nice pictures! I would have loved to have been there with you for Opening Day, but maybe next year.... :)
Thanks, DILinator. Also, I can understand why you weren't able to make it this year ;).
Why do so many people want to be on a TTD rollback, yeh it would be fricken awesome but i would be scared of every ride for the rest of my life. Besides the question was CP crowded? Or are 2 hour waiting lines a normal day.

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