CP More Employees In 08'?

With the closing of Geauga Lake, do you all think that this will be way better for Cedar Point to get some more employees? Since a lot will obviously not be working at GL next summer, I'm sure most are bound to move over to CP. I think next summer we will see more employees at CP than we have in the past.


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It'll have zero impact. Geauga Lake used mostly teenagers from the immediate area. That pool isn't going to be moving to Sandusky, and they're too young for housing.

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nearly everyone was a minor and I really dont see too many wanting to go to CP

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CP knows what they need to do to get more/better employees. They just don't want to spend the cash.
CP doesn't need more employees.

Maybe next year, to save even more money, they'll just hire migrant workers from Mexico and just re-theme the whole park to a south-of-the-border slant.

"They could probably get three times as many workers for the same money and most would probably come with their own costumes. Imagine the savings! Strolling authentic mariachis and dancers."
-my neighbor, american hispanic retired mgr from East Ohio Gas.

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I bet they'll get more employees for Halloweekends at least, but having few former GL employees. It is a bit too far. It would be much easier to find another summer job in Cleveland working Indians games than having to drive an hour or more.
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Someone give me a real life estimate of how long it takes to drive from the Aurora area to Sandusky.
^without roadwork, about 90 minutes.

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They need to hire more security and train them to inforce the nosmoking policy which is a joke there!
I have two responses to this thread:

In terms of immigrant labor:

Cedar Point already hires plenty of immigrants each season. That they need to recruit overseas to find quality employees willing to work for at those rates says something either about Cedar Point, or the work ethic of America's young. I'll let you decide!

Just so long the immigrants are here legally, which in the case of the foreign students at parks, they are, I don't have much of a problem in that area, though I do wish they had more English training before starting work. I have fun chatting with these kids, and in case of employees from Russian speaking countries, surprising them by speaking Russian to them (my folks are immigrants).

Now ILLEGAL immigrants, I do NOT want to see anywhere near Cedar Point. There are plenty of people here legally, or who come here legally who can work these jobs, including both US residents and foreign students.

Enough on my immigration rant.

In terms of the original post:

Geauga Lake's closing should not have any significant impact on staffing levels at Cedar Point. I could see extra staff being needed for the "new" kids area from Geauga Lake, but aside from that, there is no reason I can think of for GL's closing to have any impact on 2008 CP staffing levels.

Now as for GL employees going to work at CP, this is already going on. Bill Spehn came back to the Point after Geauga Lake closed, and I think that at least for the time being, he is overseeing CP Operations AND what's left of Geauga Lake. Net Gain for Cedar Point, since Bill is one of the company's greatest assets in terms of management talent!

I also know of another full time employee from GL that is supposed to be going to, or may already be at, Cedar Point.

Seasonally, we should be seeing some GL people coming up to Cedar Point to work. I don't know how many, but there should be some. Closing day I saw a Kaman's employee at CP wearing a GL name tag.


EDIT: Congratulations to that Full Time employee!

EDIT 2: Looks like I was mistaken in my use of the term immigrant.

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What the hell are you talking about? Cedar Point doesn't hire immigrants, they hire foreign college kids here on work or student visas. Those kids aren't immigrating here.

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Shouldn't there be a lot more Indian and Chinese workers? It seems most universities are inundated with foreign students from India and China than from anywhere else. The majority of the workers in food that I have seen seem to be from eastern European countries. Maybe a northern Ohio university has a big program for them?

I wonder what gets the draw from Russian-speaking countries.

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Jeff said:
What the hell are you talking about? Cedar Point doesn't hire immigrants, they hire foreign college kids here on work or student visas. Those kids aren't immigrating here.

That is a pretty bold statement Jeff, to say that Cedar Point doesn't hire immigrants. I would bet you they do hire immigrants. If you were born in another country, and are now a permanent resident or citizen, you are an immigrant. Are you telling me Cedar Point won't hire US residents that were not born here?

Next time you try to nitpick on words, maybe you should be a little more careful in what you post.

Yes, it looks like I was mistaken in my use of the term immigrant. Next time, instead of being so rude, I would appreciate it if you simply point out my mistake.


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Dude, those kids aren't staying here. They're not immigrating. You're the one trying to politicize the issue and inflame in the process.

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