CP Monday May 8.

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Debbie and I arrived at the park at about 9:30 and got her season pass processed. The line was not too bad. People said that there was a three hour wait on openning day.

We made it into the park just as it openned up to averyone and we jumped on Raptor for a quick walk on ride. After that we walked back to MF for three quick laps. It was really running good and they didn't shorten the seatbelts at all this year (They didn't lengthen them either).

After MF we walked back to Skyhawk but it was down for the day. I don't know what was wrong with it and there wasn't anyone working on it. We checked out the area where the new coaster is going and then headed around the park to the other rides.

A few laps on Gemini and Magnum which were running well and a spin on the monster and then we went to TTD. This was Debbies first time on it. It was broke down both times that I took her last fall. It shocked her a little bit and I didn't think that she would want to ride it again but later in the day she did and she enjoyed it. TTD had it's ups and downs but didn't do too bad

Something happend on PT that I never had happen before. I never knew it before but when the ride first lifts you up and hangs for a few seconds before the launch or the lift, it is actually weighing the riders and our car was too heavy. It went back down and they asked the people in seats 1&2 to get off and then the ride started and went through the cycle. The people that got off got on the next car.

Another strange thing that happend was there is a really short seatbelt in the left front seat of train one on BS. We rode it several times and I had no trouble with any other belt, just that one. It was really very short. I checked several times and made sure that it was not twisted up or tangled up, it was just short. No one was in the second row so I just jumped into that seat behind Debbie.

Max Air was also down all day long. Both swing rides down and no body working on them. Bummer. All in all it was a great day at The Point. The weather was great and the lines were very short. I ran into a few CP regulars that I know including AdamForce. I am glad that I finally found someone to enjoy my tips with and I think that I am turning her into a coaster nut.

#1 Steel: Sky Rush
#1 Wood: Voyage
#1Park: Holiday World

Sounds like a fun trip CP.
I Usually have always gone on a Saturday or Friday before Memorial day in May. Im going on a sunday in may this year. I hear crowds are good on sundays in may. I cant wait.
Monday was a great day with the weather and all.

Too bad you missed Tuesday; Skyhawk opened later in the day!

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