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Hey, what’s worse; Mean Streak or rt. 2 on the way to the Point? ;) That right lane is really getting bad; it must really get a lot of truck traffic during the week. Also I noticed that there are now two new serpents in the Huron river now, not just one.

I arrived at the park about 20 till nine and headed to the marina entrance. The National Anthem played and then it was off to the races for the Force. I was able to get the first train of the day and a quick second, but the line quickly became long as TTD was not running. I was surprised to find out that they were giving the freeway stamps for TTD early because it was down. When did they start this? Is it something new or have they always done it?

MF started with three trains, but they took the yellow one off about 11am and worked on it all day. The crew on MF is doing better, but loading time is still a little slow. There is also still a large variance in the lengths of the seatbelts. I had no trouble with them at all on my first four laps. Later in the day when I returned for my freeway ride, I waited for the front seat and could barely get it fasted let alone the required slack (left front seat of the red train for you larger folks). After we were all strapped in and ready, the ride shut down. They made us exit the train and wait in line. After they got it back up and running and made a few test runs, we wound up with the blue train. I fit fine now, but a lady behind me, who was strapped in to the red train and ready to go, could not get the belt fastened and had to exit.(Right # 2 of the blue train)

After the line grew on MF, I had a lap on Mantis and took the train to the back of the park for a few laps on MS. I did not ride it on my first visit. Man is it awful. Slower than last year and rougher. Two laps were more than enough.

I gabbed a cone at sweet tooth and headed up to Gemini. It was running well and still giving great rides. One lap in the blue and one in the red. Then I headed up to Magnum. Still running great. The station was packed, but I politely excused myself and worked my way up to find one or two train waits for the ejector seat. I love it when they let the station fill up. :)

I stayed in the back of the park most of the day, getting several laps on Magnum, one front seat ride on TTD which by the way ran fairly well after they got it up and running, a few drops on PT, my freeway on Mantis and MF and then ate at Coasters. The burger and strawberry shake were good but the onion rings could be a little better.

After eating, I took several laps on BS and Raptor. Raptor just seems to get better every year. This is where the only line-jumping incident that I witnessed all day happened, but the Raptor crew quickly removed the person from line. I wish other parks took it that seriously.

A back seat ride on WT, a little shopping (My dad wanted some fudge and I found a shirt that I liked), one last ride on BS and I headed back to MF for my final ride of the night. I met some people from Michigan in line in front of me and a lady from Colorado behind me. I just can’t believe how many people I meet in line who are getting on MF for there first time. And for a night ride no less. I waited with them for the back seat and we got the last train of the night. They absolutely loved it. I had an absolutely wonderful day and can’t wait to go again. *** Edited 6/22/2005 1:26:28 AM UTC by CP ismyhome***

#1 Steel: Sky Rush
#1 Wood: Voyage
#1Park: Holiday World

Sounds like you had a great time, and got in a lot of coasters. Start with MF, end with MF. ;)

Knoebels- 4/28

First and last trains of the day! :)

#1 Steel: Sky Rush
#1 Wood: Voyage
#1Park: Holiday World

They give freeway handstamps in the morning if the ride is not opened. They give them out for about 15 minutes for the Joe Cool and Resort guests. I got one a few days ago.

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Sounds like they need to do something about the inconsistencies with their seatbelts on MF.
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CP ismyhome,

I noticed that "Lemmie" (the Lake Erie monster that you saw in the Huron river) has a bigger friend. There was something in the local papers about it.

As bad as Meanstreak is, Blue Streak makes up for it. Operations at the park have already improved since my last visit so that's a plus. I was hoping that "the flying banana" (MF's yellow train) was simply getting fixed and not a standard operating procedure to run two trains.

Nice TR though, I was at the park that night and I had a good time despite not riding the rides.

~Rob Willi

I was there Monday night as well for a few hours to close the night off. I got denied a night ride on Dragster when it broke down (I don't think they ever got it running again) but did get my first night ride on Millenium Force. BTW, what was up with all of the people milling around MF at almost 11 pm? It almost looked like people were going to be having ERT on it or something.
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My first two trips to CP this year (opening day and Memorial Day), Mean Streak was running FASTER than last year. In fact, my son and TheRealCP both mentioned it.

I'm wondering if it's been slowed down again now that summer is kicking in and crowds are getting bigger.

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Last thurs. they gave out freeway passes for MF in the morning because it was down for resort and JC. It opened 10 minutes later, so it worked out real well for us.

Been going to the Point for over 30 years and still love it!!!!!!!!!!!
Those were CP employees Pale Rider. CP keeps rides open after hours from time to time to let the people that work the park have a little bit of fun. I think that they have cook-outs for them also. I think that it is great that they do it for them.

They put the yellow train back on after the last train ran that night Rob. They were still working on it while I was waiting in line so they must have finished up just as the last train ran.

No lie, I thought the MS train was going to stop in the block brakes. I wish I would have rode it earlier in the year if it was running faster CPlady.

#1 Steel: Sky Rush
#1 Wood: Voyage
#1Park: Holiday World

Ah, that would explain it. Thanks for clearing that up for me and that is cool that Cedar Point does that for its employees.
On opening day Mean Streak's MCBR only turned on for about a second and released barely any braking at all.

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