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Monday, May 17, 2004 8:17 AM
Hey there. Is anyone going to be at CP June 2 and 3 (Wed., Thurs.) and/or have any insight into the crowd situation. The weekend beforehand will be plenty crowded I'm sure. I'm coming from Florida, so its not like I can alter the dates or anything, just possibly ease my mind.

Also, this is my first post here, taking a leave of absence from RRC, glad to be here. :)


Monday, May 17, 2004 9:16 AM

Welcome to the buzz. We use the meeting calendar to determine who will be where on what days. You will notice the link at the top of the navigation bar to the left of the screen.

Also, a quote from this thread http://www.coasterbuzz.com/forum.aspx?mode=thread&TopicID=37311

No one here has a crystal ball, so use some common sense. Weekends will be more crowded than weekdays. Summer, especially when schools are out from mid-June to early September, are when crowds are at their peak.

Events, concerts, and school outtings also tend to be crowded. Special events, such as Halloween fright fests, will typically have large crowds. Most parks will show such events on their website but if you are unsure or want to CYA [cover your ass] CALL THE PARK!

Also, weather can play a big part in how crowded a park will be.

You could also check over at PointBuzz. http://www.pointbuzz.com

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