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It was a great day that almost didn't happen. I came very close to hitting a deer on the way in. It was the closest that I have ever come ti hitting a deer and I really thought that I was going to. She was so close that I could see the muscles in the side of her neck. I was hard on the brakes and things started to go in slow motion. Fortunately she turned at the last second and I did not hit her.

I finally got to the park and walked to the marina entrance and entered the park at 9:30. I ran like hell and made it to MF first. It was my first time to have the front seat of the first train of the day. Wow what a way to start the coaster season! The seat belts are new and shorter than last year. I had little or no trouble last year on MF and I dropped from a 42 to a 40 inch waist this year and I almost was unable to ride. There were a few times that I was surprised that they let me ride.

The park was empty and just about everything was walk on. TTD was running well as was everything else. Max Air went down a few times but not for long. MF went down for about a half hour later in the afternoon and they removed the yellow train. Then we had full speed lifts up the hill. Maybe something went wrong with the motor control? Raptor also went down a few times, but not for long.

Everything was great except for the MF belts. One guy fit in the test seat but could not fit into the train seat. After retrying the test seat, they took him back up the exit and tried him in the train again. They tried three different seats before they found one he could fit into. The ride ops are helping more than they did last year, but just about every train had someone who did not fit. Loading time is way up and they are lucky if they are getting 1000 people through an hour.

Later in the day, I met up with Adamforce and we rode MF a few more times together. He is up to 940 in his quest for 1000 laps on MF. Good luck Adam.

A few last rides on Max Air and a few more flights on Raptor, I grabbed some fudge and left for home about about 7ish.

I thank God for the nice weather and that the doe changed her mind!

#1 Steel: Sky Rush
#1 Wood: Voyage
#1Park: Holiday World

MF always goes up the lift full speed when running two trains. The reason the third train was off is probably because they were having issues with overshooting. MF was running fairly fast for the early season I thought.


Yes it was. It was giving some great air in the front and in the back.

#1 Steel: Sky Rush
#1 Wood: Voyage
#1Park: Holiday World

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