CP May 17 & 18........ cold times

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I arrived at CP at about 3pm on friday. Checked into the hotel and proceeded into the park.

Raptor was the first ride and it completely blows away B:TR at my home park(SFSTL). Got laps in on Mantis, Wildcat, DT, Drop leg on Power Tower and then decided to get in line for WT. Waited about 25 min in line and the wind of the lake made it feel like winter in St. Louis. Finally got on and what a ride it is. I am torn between V2 and WT I feel they each have their own unique parts that make them both great in my book. After that it was back to the hotel to hop in the hot tub and thaw.

Next morning we got in a half hour early due to staying at hotel breakers. Got in 3 laps on MF right away. Some people have said it is running slow but I haven't noticed any difference from now and 2 years ago when I rode it except that it gets stuck every once in a while (friday night and saturday afternoon). Magnum seems rougher to me this year and Mean Streak isn't even enjoyable at all. Various other rides were taken throughout the day and we ended up with one last lap on MF at closing. This ride is so much better at night when you have no light at the bottom of the first hill.

It was a great trip with exception to it being cold but I'll take a little chill in the air over long lines anyday!!!

Nice short TR! WT isn't getting the huge waits I thought it would!

X-Flight World's Only flying coaster!
Batwing World's only flying coaster!
S:UF World's only flying coaster! Don' tyou love SF ?

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