CP June 6th, Cold, Rain, Wind...the Rides Were... Running?

Hello Coaster Fans Who Are Busy Hopping From One Park To The Next Right Now,

I went up to the park yesterday for my 10th trip of the season so far. Wed, it was 80 degrees, sunny, and I was swimming. Today the weather was rain, downpouring rain, very windy and a high of around 60 (tough to say with the wind and rain what it really was exactly).

First thing I noticed when arriving at 9AM was all the electronic billboards (by Castaway, by toll booths, before you enter the park, etc. ALL said some form of due to high winds some rides will be closed today. FINALLY someone at the park made a right decision. That was my biggest grief the first week was lack of communication to all those single visit guests not knowing before they enter the park. Kudos to Cedar Point for doing a much better job letting guests know the conditions.

At 9Am there was no rain. Gate Keeper was running, Mforce, and Maverick was having some issues in the back of the park. Raptor was still trying to get up and running.

I had my youngest with me who just hit 48 inches about an hour before I got to the park. This was her first visit for Big Girl rides. Oh...Season Pass Processing is SOOOOOOOooooooooooOOOOOooo much better, faster, etc. than before. I took less than 2 minutes to get hers!! WOW, this was more than night and day from previous years!!

I spare the ride stuff...but my main thing about the visit was the weather.

About 10 AM it started to rain almost all day, a couple breaks here and there, but a light sprinkle for the most part of the day. The thing that struck me as odd was the amount of rides that were running. I have been to CP in the rain, many of times. But today it was cold, windy, and raining. I was amazed at what was running compared to normal raining days.

All carnival rides were running, except Skyhawk (crane on location). Sky ride was running, Ferris Wheel, Gate Keeper, Raptor, Magnum, many things that don't usually.

Now there were quite a few points that rides shut down for a few moments, que cleared out, then it opened back up...it was really hard to get some reads for actual wait. I did not see Top Thrill or Gatekeeper go down at any point. Iron Dragon was down the most, followed by Magnum, and Raptor. All were running way more than not.

I did not hear or any thunder, and the sky did not look horrible, just a basic crappy rainy Ohio Day.

I was shocked out how many people were not dressed for the weather. Many girls freezing there butts off with their short shorts and t-shirts.

Today I give two thumbs up for how much they had running, with the wind, rain, and temps, and even had things up and running at 9AM. This is a first I have seen that effort in a long time under these conditions. Let a lone leaving them running.

We left around 4 and it was still a fun wet day a the park.

I've spent too many rainy days at Cedar Point. Ugh.

So, your daughter hit 48 inches an hour before you got to the park? Good lord, how fast does she grow? :)

And by the way, most fellas would give two thumbs up for freezing girls in short shorts and t-shirts. Just sayin'.

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Yeah, I picked up a pair of shoes that had a slightly thicker heal on the way up ;c)

As for the girls, I'd be having a great day, if it wasn't for the fact I was with my 6 year old seeing the future...It's amazing what being a dad of two young ladies does to me now!

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I know. You go from horn dog to indignant like, instantly!

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I have also been at Cedar Point when it rained, and not just any rain, a huge thunderstorm with torrential rain, thunder and lightning. It moved in pretty fast, and all of the rides were running. I looked over at magnum, and a train was going up the lift hill, with lightning all around it. If I had been on that ride, I would have been scared s######s!

I was heading for the Raptor when the rain hit, and it was like a Pepi-le-Pew, cartoon, as people came pouring out of the que, running for shelter. People looked like drowned rats, it was a little scary, but great entertainment. I loved the rain, and stood out in it getting greatly soaked. But, it was also very hot, before the rain came, so it felt awesome.

The heavy rain stopped, so I got in the que for Raptor, and It was open for riders, and only waited 10 minutes to get on. As soon as the train got to the top of the lift, it started raining again, and I swear it was like riding a rollercoaster while getting shot in the face with a toy rapid fire BB gun. When I arrived back at the station I went to the restroom, and had red dots all over my face from the pelting I received.

Had a similar experience at Canadas wonderland, riding the vortex in a hail storm. That was also a scary storm. Lightning struck the bat coaster, and all could hear was a very loud "CRACK!! HUMMMMMMMMM!!!" Again a mass exit of people running a screaming fom the Bat que, with riders on the ride!

The lightning came before the rain did, so I don't think the folks at Canadas Wonderland, had enough time to close anything. Most of the rides in the park were closed, until the lightning passed, and then re-opened them in an hour, when the rain stopped.

Both the Cedar Point storm, and The one at Canadas Wonderland, blew through very quick. I think the hail at Canadas wonderland was the worst part. My friend and I were both beat red, after our ride on vortex. So, now, if there is any chance of storms, I stay home.

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I didn't do it! I swear!!

Glad you had a great day regardless of the rain. My wife and I lucked out because we got to the park around 5pm and stayed until 10pm with no rain at all. We drove up from Cincinnati and it rained the whole way until we got to Cedar Point and then the rain just stopped.

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