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Sunday, June 26, 2005 12:06 PM
Ride of Steel's avatar On Wednesday my dad, brother, and two friends, and I drove 7 hours to CP for our annual trip. We left right after our Bio regents exam and arrived at our cottage at Lighthouse Point about 7:00 wednesday.

Heres a run down on everything:

Millennium Force

This ride is THE BEST COASTER ON THE PLANET. It's so much better than Dragster. I rode it about 7-8 times over the 3 day trip and everytime we hit the brake run I was laughing so hard. This is my #1 coaster and is by far better than Dragster and S:ROS at SFNE. The ride ops were fast, unlike all the stories I've been hearing, and the line was about 45-60 minutes. Apparently it broke down on Thursday night but I didn't see it. Theres a new area which ride ops are supposed to stand behind silver rails but alot of them don't. It's so nice riding an Intamin without those god awful ankle braces and metal bars.


I loved this ride the first year but it has wasted so much of my time. On Friday it DID get stalled at the top while we were waiting in line. My friend has a video he took on his digital camera which he's going to send to me and I'll post a link ASAP. We saw the maintenance elevator go up and a mechanice pushed it over. THe ride itself would be fine without the hill. The launch is fun but not worth the hassle of the constant breakdown. I got 4 rides total, and it ran awesome Wednesday an Thursday but friday it wasn't behaving. The hill on this coaster is so meh despite it's size.


Great ride as usual, and RIDE OPS ARE SPIELING AGAIN. I walked up the stairs and I heard "We'll be taking you up 205 feet dropping you 194 at a 60 degree angle at speeds of 72 mph. Sit up right, hang on tight, and enjoy your ride on Magnum! Theres the clear you are outta here we'll see you back in 232"

The knocking on the window isn't back but at least the autospiel's gone.

The airtime is awesome on this thing and it seemed smoother than last season.

Mean Streak

Not a bad ride but it's so boring and slow. Not painful at all. They were running 3 trains but most were only 1/2 full.

Snake River Falls

I had never been on this before and it was great. Nice drop and I was drenched.

Thunder Canyon

This is probably my favorite rapids ride. It's not that long but you get soaked.


THis is my favorite 'old' ride at CP. It has a good length, nice drop, and the airtime is great. We had a few trimless rides in the backseat and that helix was a doozy. Wow I almost got flung out.


A little bumpier than I remember but it still hauls and kicks ass. My friend got kicked off because he had a basketball and they wouldn't let him put it in a bin because it was a 'hazard.' That crew is really fast though.


I'm never going to ride near the back again. The g's kill my legs. The ride itself isn't that bad but it's almost to big to be a standup.

Iron Dragon

A great ride for kids but not too thrilling.

WickeD Twister

Much better than last year, great ride with little line. Love the launch and the twisting spikes.


The line stayed long for this most of the day. The ride itself was great, I love the speed of the ride, but the swinging is much more fun than the rotating IMO.

Demon Drop:

I love this ride. The ride ops were great, fast and friendly. They let us reride a total of 4 times.

Blue Streak:

For it's size, it couldn't run much faster. It feels much faster than Mean Streak and the airtime is pretty good too. Theres this yellow line nazi who kept yelling at people to stay behind the yellow line when there's a gate thare. That's such a dumb rule.

Disaster Transport:

Not that bad of the ride but it's not worth waiting for the random neon objects inside are really dumb.

Power Tower

We rode this ride a ton. Barely a wait for either side the entire time we were there. Both rides are great and I'm finally getting over my fear of the turbo shot.

Paddlewheel Excursions

I love this ride because of the great view of TTD and MF. "Be sure to get my bottlehead doll at the Pagoda gift shop for only 49.95! All procceeds benefit my psychiatric treament at the end of this summer because I will have been telling these jokes for 3 months straight".

I think that's about it as far as rides go. Overall a great trip and here's some things I noticed:

- The $3.00 20 oz Pepsi's are absolutely ridiculous and I think they'd sell more if it was $2.00 or $2.25

- Ride spieling is back on most coasters except MF, TTD, and WT. :)

- Nearly EVERY rollercoaster broke down at least once throughout our trip except for Blue Streak, Raptor, and Mantis.

- Lighthouse point is a great place to stay but it's really expensive.

- The park was very clean and overall the workers were friendly.

- Double checks on some coasters really weren't that bad and only took about 5 seconds or so extra because the ride ops were sprinting. On MF, normally the 3rd train would only be stacked for about 15 seconds or so, maybe less.

Overall a great trip to CP and I can't wait til nex year! I'll post a link to show you the video of Dragster stuck at the top as soon as I get it.

Sunday, June 26, 2005 1:03 PM
Good trip report, good to hear things seem to be running quickly and efficiently again.
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Sunday, June 26, 2005 11:20 PM
Great TR. I feel pretty much the same as you do about TTD. It was great the first few times but it just is not as exciting any more. I to have wasted a lot of time in line for the thing only to have it fall over dead. If I get one or maybe two laps on it a trip, it is still fun. Any more than two laps in a given day and it is just plain boring. I would much rather get 4-5 laps on Magnum in the time it takes to get one on TTD.

Losing the auto-speils was a great thing. I really think that it makes for a better ride experience.

That must have been something to see the train stalled on the tophat. It almost happend once past year, it stopped for 5-6 seconds and then slowly rolled back. I think someone in the train leaned back so they would get their rollback ;)

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