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Ok, here we go, this thing may ramble some, I am not much of a writer. :}

Wed. June 15th;

We arrived at Castaway Bay at about 2:30. When I say we I mean, Myself, my girlfriend Kathy, her son Jonathan (5), my son Trevor (14), his friend Evin (14), and my daughter Katie (12). It was Trevor and Evin's 8th grade trip, they didn't want to ride the bus down there with there class so I was more than happy to take them, hey one more trip for me to ride coasters. :} Our room wasn't ready yet so we got our waterpark passes and went to change in what are some nice changing rooms. I was suprised to see how big the CB waterpark was and how nicely it was done, good job CP!! We stayed in the park till about 6pm and decided to go and get our room, a Pelican suit bayview, with 2 sets of bunkbeds and a kingsize bed. The room was very nice and included a fridge, microwave, coffee maker, and a hairdrier that didn't work. :{ But that was ok, Kathy brought her's, women are always prepared. :}

We got changed and went down for dinner at Friday's. We sat out on the deck, the weather was great, about 70 degrees. The food was excellent, and the beer was cold. We had a wonderful server, forget his name, and everybody had a good time. At this point we turned the older boys loose. So with money in there pockets, they headed for the arcade, which is quite big and has 2 DDR machines, which they had a ball on. Katie and Jonathan wanted to go back to the water park so we went to the room so they could change, and took them to the park. Katie was about to put her newly obtained babytsitter training certificate to the test, she was to be in charge of Jonathan as Kathy and I went to check out the selection of baked goods and gift shops. The rest of the night went great, everybody had a great time and I would recomend CB to anybody, especialy if you have kids, lots for them to do.

Thursday, June 16th

Kathy and Jonathan had to go home today and were not comming to CP with us, Kathy had to work and Jonathan was going to his Dad's. I got the other 3 up and moving and we headed to the park. "TTD is not running", signs were up so we headed to the marina entrance, for the shortest run to Millie. We got there at 8:45, first in line. :} The gate opened at 8:57, early, yeehaa, off we went and what do you know, first ones to Millie and she is down, mechanical. :{ We decided to wait, most people headed to Maxair but we were determined. At about 9:10 they decided to give all of us freeway passes for 1pm, which we thought was nice, but we still waited. At 9:15 we saw the first test train, at 9:20 they let us in and Katie and I were in the front row, on the first train of the day, and it was an awsome ride, very fast and very smooth, by the way, I am 6 feet tall, 220 pounds and I pulled 2 inches of slack. :} The reason for the downtime was that they had to fix the rescue elevator on the lift.

Now we split up, the boys wanted to go hang out with there friends from school, the busses had arrived, so Katie and I will be the participants for the rest of this TR. We headed for Maxair, the que was almost full but from what I read on here that wasn't bad so we got in line. After about a 15 minute wait we were on and boy is that thing fun, good addition to the park. We then just started hitting various other rides, many of which were virtual walkons, we ended up hitting every coaster in the park at least once, most multiple, and we had the greatest luck all day. The longest wait we had was that 15 minutes for Maxair, excluding breakdowns.

Now I will just hit some of the highlights of our day. While ridding Iron Dragon we noticed people in the TTD que, so we were like, "let us off this thing", Katie was actually yelling that as we entered the station at the end of the ride, she wanted to get on TTD that bad. :} So we ran over to TTD just as the people were leaving the que, down for mechanical reasons, damn. We decided to wait and see if it would reopen, and what do you know, after a few minutes, after most people had left the line, they let us in and we walked right up onto the platform. We were on the third train to launch. Great ride we hit 127mph, :} and I now have my TTD fix I have been waiting for, yea!!

After a couple more rides here and there we headed over to the Red Garter for a snack and something to drink while we waited for 1pm to use the freeway passes for Millie, that we were given in the morning. I forgot to mention that in the morning we did see the crew helping a larger women with the belt on Millie, which did cause them to miss interival and we had to wait outside the station for a couple of minutes, but we thought it was a nice of them to help her. We got our freeway ride, back seat this time, and again another awsome ride, and the crew was hitting interval every time was very cheerfull, and doing a GREAT job.!!!

Katie and I spent the rest of the day hitting every coaster in the place, again most of which were virtual walkons, which was odd because the place was pretty busy, lots of schools. I guess a lot of the kids just like to hang around instead of ride, hey good for us though. :} We had dinner at Johny Rockets, a tradition for us, at about 5:30, food was great as usual. We walked onto Mantis at about 7pm and got front row with no wait!!!!, same with Raptor at 8pm, again front row, no wait!!!

Now we decided to go and see what the wait for TTD was like, it was about 9:15 and the wait was said to be 45 minutes so we decided to get in line. Of course it decided to start raining, "TTD is down due to weather", damn. Of course we decided to wait and see what would happen, :} hey, what the heck it had been working for us all day. :} People started leaving the line, it started pouring, the rest of the people left the line, except for about 40 of us, the diehard TTD fans. As Katie and I and 2 nice teenagers from Florida were trying to take shelter under one of the sun shades in the que, one of the guys from Florida says lets run for the station. It is really pouring now, and we go for it. We get up to the station to find it virtually empty. The Op working the turnstile says, "where did you guys come from?" as she is stunned to see us thinking everyone had ran out of the line durring the downpour. Our responce, "where do you think", gets a chuckle out of everyone, including her, as she turns her back so we can sneek in the station and undercover. Now there are about maybe 25 of us left and it is not looking good for a reopen of the ride, raining on and off, but we decide to wait. It is now about 10:05 and we are all sitting around talking about KK's meltdown, and how we have the tallest and fastest "operating" roller coaster in the world, LOL, and I tell Katie to stop leaning on the gate beacause if it opens she will fall into the loading area. I no sooner get the words out of my mouth and, you guessed it, they open the gate. One of the funniest things I have ever seen, everyone was was dieing, including Katie. So we get on the train, with no test run, and we are all thinking rollback!!! We roll out of the station, this is the first ride on TTD for both the Florida guys, and we are staged to launch, the train does it's little 2 foot roll and the ride shuts down, damn. They leave us on the ride, and 2 mechanics go under the train and after about 5 minutes we hear a clunk and we are ready to go. I figure the catch car and train didn't lock together. So we are ready to go and it shuts down again, by now the guys from Florida are freaking out because I am telling them all kinds of lies about what this all means, I think they kinda knew I was kidding. :} After a couple of minutes and what I guessed was a computer reset we get our ride and it was great as usual. :}

We rounded out our day by watching the end of the laser show, pretty much the same old show, but still entertaining. We had a great trip and I got to spend the whole day with Katie, which was a blast. We met up with the boys who I think spent most of the day chasing girls but they did ride Millie and TTD, plus others, and said they had a lot of fun. The following is a breakdown of Katie and my ride totals.

TTD - 2

Millie - 2

Maggie - 2

Raptor - 3 , 1 walkon

Mantis - 1 walkon

Meanstreak - 1 walkon

Wicked Twister - 2 , 1 walkon

Blue Streak - 1

Wildcat - 1

Iron Dragon - 1

Corkscrew - 1 , walkon

Genini - 2 , 1 walkon

Mineride - 1 walkon

Maxair - 1

Power Tower - 2 , 1 walkon, launch side

Disaster Transport - 1

Been going to the Point for over 30 years and still love it!!!!!!!!!!!
This has to be the funniest reason I've seen for MF going down.

The reason for the downtime was that they had to fix the rescue elevator on the lift.

I guess not even the backup devices on Intamin's are reliable :)

Good trip report, im glad to hear the ops on Millennium were hitting interval...Ive heard some bad stories about them as of late.

The Millenium Force ride Ops: Squishing you where it counts since 2000. Track Record: 89 coasters

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