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On Thursday, June 21st, I'm heading up to the Point and staying at Hotel Breaker's with my dad. I haven't been to Cedar Point for a LONG time and have no clue what to expect. Plus, I have never stayed at any of the park resorts. I'm am looking for some advice...
  1. How do I get to/walk into the park from Hotel Breakers?
  2. What order would you suggest I ride coasters in during the hour early admission?
  3. Are lines alot shorter during the early admission?
  4. What part of the train for specific coasters are usually most delivering?

I would also appreciate any other details you can provide.


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1. Either by entering through the soak city gates or through the gate located near Wicked Twister.

2. That's up to you really.

3. For the most part I'd have to answer yes.

4. If you mean size wise, there's no seats that are specifically set for guests of exceptional size.

Here's the link to CP's FAQ about it.

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I'm sure people will expand upon your questions more thoroughly...but to give some quick answers....

1. Water park entrance...you can't miss it, and the front desk can give you specifics....

2. Only certain rides operate during this time....I know Maverick is one of them, and you should only ride that!!

3. Yes, but it's not a ghost town either...lots of different types of people can get in for early admission...

4. Some people have this down to a scary science!! I'd say the back is best for airtime (especially for Maverick!!)

You should also post at pointbuzz.com as there's a wealth of info there! *** Edited 6/5/2007 4:34:07 PM UTC by tigellinus***

As far as early entry goes, only Maverick and Millennium Force operate.
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To father explain on question 4, what I meant by providing is where is the place on the train that will dieliver most thrill. Sorry for any confusion!
car 1 seat 3 on maggie. Lots or airtime! :)

Yeah!!! Rollercoasters!!!! (my 2 year old as we see the first sights of the point on the causeway)
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^ That's what I'm looking for!
im all about Skyhawk during early admission, too bad eerytime ive gone this year im usually the only one all about it...

nstod said:
As far as early entry goes, only Maverick and Millennium Force operate.

and Raptor, Skyhawk and the rides of the Gemini Children’s Area.

As far as entering from the hotel, the hotel is a stones-throw away from the park. Basically just walk towards the park and they'll funnel you into the entrance. It's hard to miss. Look at a map or two and you'll see it. Don't worry!
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Also, what should I do for breakfast? Do they have a complementary breakfast at Hotel Breakers, or will i have to go into the park?
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It's certainly not complementary, but they have several places where you can grab breakfast in Breakers. I ate at the "Coffee Shop" both days that I was there. They have a breakfast buffet for around 8.99 I believe, or you can just order your own breakfast. Not great food, but not terrible either. The other advantage to being at Breakers is the ability to get to the gate as early as you'd like. I got to the Soak City/Resort gate around 8:00 both mornings so I could be at the front of the rush come 9:00.

Josh M.

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