CP Has a New Webcam

Hello Coaster Fans Who Are Busy On The Internet Trying to Find Any Park That Is Open Any Day Besides Fri, Sat, And Sun.,

If you haven't seen it, go check it out Cedar Point's new webcam!

See you....Scare You On The Midways Soon!!

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Yeah, they just repositioned and turned the SkyHawk cam. I think it is a much better overview of what is going on.


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Better how? You can see the lift and one turn.

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Hey jeff, if you spent less time being arrogant, you would notice that the lift and one turn are the only parts of the ride you really CANT see from the other webcam. Quit with the attitude man.
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It is a MUCH better angle than the other cam of Maverick because you can see more of the coaster in the distance as well as what's left to be construted over the water...

...so both webcams are pointed in a position where we can see the progress of construction on the track that has yet to be assembled yet.

I think it's a lot better and offers more to see.
You might get lucky and see a construction person take a whizz :)
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DanLinden said:
Hey jeff, if you spent less time being arrogant...
How is that arrogant? Did I say, "Hey dumbass, you're wrong?" Stick to what's written, not what you decide to imply.

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I didn't take offense to what Jeff said. He is just a straight shooter. :) I guess I should have said that with a better description though - actually I feel exactly as DawgByte II put it.


Arrogant, negative, condescending...pick one Jeff. 90% of your posts (and I think I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt here) fall under one of those descriptions. For being the webmaster/admin you really don't seem to enjoy it all that much.

Trust me guys, Your on the wrong side of a battle you can't win.

His site, Take it or leave it.

Chuck, who still razes Jeff from time to time to make him see the err of his ways. NEVER WORKS :)

So anyhow, I looked at it a few minutes ago, (it really is a great shot) and yikes, there was a spider on the lens. Must've been brought in for the opening of Halloweekends!

Caught just right, on it we'll be able to see Falls boats and riders, too. Well at least as long as the park remains open.

It's like if Bush said "I respect freedom of religion". Of course he said it in a nice way, but we all knoooww he's lying right through his teeth.

If you come and say "you know, i think you do see some new area of the ride, but i think a camera at point B would be better, blah blah", then you wont be seen as such a rude person. no need to come in, refute what he says with little to no explination, especially given your history.

Look, i enjoy coming here because there are some very knowledgable people that give great insight. PKI and Cp are my home parks. I have no beef with the site, but sometimes a little criticism can help

I personally liked the Top Thrill cam better. Looked awesome in the winter.

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I like the new camera view. Now can we move the other one so we can see something worthwhile there? What about up on Mean Streak? I bet you can get a good overall view from there.
Oh yeah, the new web-cam is pretty killer. A nice addition that leaves me conspicuous.
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If you don't like my opinion, you're living in a crazy world if you think it's about you. And let's not make it about me either. I'm boring.

The other camera won't likely get moved because it's shooting time lapse. I would expect that it won't be moved until the station goes up, but if you're really curious, ask Tony Clark. It's his baby.

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The one they had on Patriot's station was shooting time lapse as well, but they still moved it. Not that it really matters anyway if they leave it or not.
Going to Cp is not a regular thing for me so excuse my next question.

Was the web-cam just re-positioned on sky hawk or is it on something else?

The webcam is located on Snake River Falls and I believe it was just turned.

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