CP Halloweekends 10/12/08 - My wife finally won a prize playing Skee-Ball

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My wife and I could not have asked for a nicer day to visit CP. Who would've thought that it would be shorts and t-shirt weather in mid-October. The warm weather made for a great drive down Route 2.

We arrived at the park about 11 am. We looked through some of the gift shops at the front of the park. After looking through the shops I was able to quickly hit MaXair & Disaster Transport. Both attractions provided good rides and its seemed that the ride cycle on MaXair was a bit longer today. I got a ride on Blue Streak in the early afternoon. After all these years its still a great ride.

We took a break for lunch (we sort of brown bagged it --- Jimmy Johns!). After lunch we waited in front of the Midway Arcade for the Midway Monsters. We heard a nice rendition of The Beatles "I Want To Hold Your Hand" it was re-done as "I Want to Bite Your Hand." The monsters finally appeared and they were fairly entertaining. I could only imagine how warm it is inside of the costumes. After the monsters, I got a few laps on Magnum. Magnum has become a "new" favorite for me in recent years.

We spent some additional time browsing through the shops and we stopped long enough to watch the parade. The parade was pretty entertaining. The parade was much better than expected. The music was loud but all of the kids seemed to enjoy the parade. At this point, many hours had passed, and I had not ridden that many rides, but I did not care. It was just a nice day to be in the park.

Before dinner, I got a ride on Power Tower and Ocean Motion. I simply ride Ocean Motion because its there. I do not like it nor dislike it...its just there. My wife and I choose to have dinner at TGI Friday's in Hotel Breakers. Somehow, we beat the dinner rush at 6:30. Friday's appeared to be a little understaffed, but that was not a big deal, my wife and I had a nice table overlooking Lake Erie. The meals were fine, the prices for the burgers are pretty much the same all of the Friday's, you just get soaked on the price of a soda ($2.99). After Friday's we walked through Hotel Breakers and enjoyed the Halloween decorations.

At this point it is about 7:45, I still have only been on a handful of attractions. I got a lap in on Gemini and headed to the Halloween attractions. Terror Island was pretty good. There were some nice effects and the screamsters did a good job in this attraction. Carn-Evil and Frontier Town were O.K. These places were too populated to be enjoyable. I passed on Cornstalkers due to the lengty wait time.

As we were heading down the main midway we stopped in at the Midway Arcade to play a little Skee-Ball. Skee-Ball has not been very kind to my wife over the years....but she finally won a prize! It took her almost 10 years and $2.50 to get a cheaply made blue bear. By far this was the highlight of the trip. Finally, she is no longer tormented by the Skee-Ball machine. I think she retired from playing Skee-Ball.

I hit Fear Faire on the way out. Another decent walk though attraction. Well thought out with some nice effects. We finally left the park at 9:45.

I am convinced that the Halloween attractions may have been a bit more intense/suspenseful if it was not Sunday (more screamsters) or very crowded. I would guess its a bit difficult to find many people to work on a Sunday night. However, they did well with what they had. The park was very busy. I am not sure if the warm weather or the Columbus Day holiday had anything to do with the attendance at the park.

I apologize to those of you who were looking for a more detailed report on the rides and whatnot. But sometimes, its just nice to go to Cedar Point, enjoy the weather, the surroundings, and most importantly, the people you love.

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^I couldn't agree more with your last statement. :)

Skeeball is my crack. I am actually pretty good but I don't think I have ever won anything. I usually keep a few tickets (I love collecting those) and give the rest away to any kids standing around. :)

Glad you had a good time! I miss CP already!


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