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Well I finally got back to my home park it was beyond a doubt the best experience I have had in a long time. I had my 19 yr old Stepsonand 17 yr old Step Daughter(who had never been to a real coaster park before) my two nieces and Nephews with us so when the girls headed off in one direction we guys headed the other way. By the way one of my Nephews said he didn't like coasters but would ride some.

We got to the park around 9:30 and rode the Blue Streak first this was my first coaster ever and is still one of my favorites because of all the air time. The kids loved it but scared nephew was not real enthused about it.

We immediately headed over to Raptor and waited a total of 20 min to get the first SLC ride of Scared kids life. I didn't know humans could make some of those sounds.

We then headed over to DD and got a quick ride and then got the A/C of the Disaster Transport. It was an ok ride but the theming is still cheezy. Then we did the space needle for scared Nephews sake.

We got in line for WT and SN backed out and ran away even after we got some cute girls to try and convince him( didn't know a 14 yr olds survival insticts were that much stronger than the Hormones) after 30 min we were on what a great ride but it is at the most the the fifth best coaster in the park.

We then headed down and waited 45 min to get on Wildcat(this was the second longest wait of the day) it was the same old ride but man that paint job was hideous.

A quick 20 min wait for Iron dragon and we were off for the Corkscrew.

This is where things got a little depressing for me because I always remember CS as being an extremely smooth ride and this time it wasn't. we headed over to the CAFE for lunch then did the Matterhorn and Witches wheel with Scared Nephew( I could have sworn he would have hurled that close to eating)

We then got a ride on Gemini with a 15 minute wait. This is still a good coaster and that helix still get's me everytime.

We then did CCMR and 1 time was enough for me. it was a walkon but not worth the time to walk to the line.

We then got a quick ride on Mean Streeak and while it isn't the best it was still a decent Woodie it isn't nearly as rough as it was the first time I rode it.

The 14 yr olds are not real knowledgable about deoderant just yet so we got three walk on rides on Thunder canyon and we all smelled like lake water but it was better than BO.

We then headed over and got a 1 hr wait for Millenium Force. Met a guy that had scared nephew terrified for the entire time telling him how scary that first hill is. (This guy also said he had been in line for ttd and chickened out onece already. Turns out his wife didn't ride and he wanted someone to go with him) I can not say enough about how great this ride was. even scared nephew held up his hands and had a blast. ( there is no feeling in the world like watching a new coaster freak being born) we met the wife and decided to go ahead and try and get a a ride on the last three coasters for the day.

We went to Mantis but wait was 45 minutes and I wanted to get Magnum in first so we headed over and after a 10 minute wait we were done with Magnum ( what great airtime this thing has I swear it's better than before)

On the way back over to Mantis I hear that TTD has a 1.5 hr wait if it runs well. I figured getting a ride on TTD is much more important than Mantis as it was late. I called my wife and told her that I was in line and I would probably be later than 11 pm at the gate. My stepdaughter says she doesn't want to go and doesn't know how to get to the ride so My stepson and I get out of line( showing Step Daughter how truly important she is to me) and go and meet her at mantis and run into Millenium guy that scared my nephew so bad I told him I'd ride with him if he wanted and we all got in line at 9:30pm.

So while we all wait for TTD scard Nephew goes over and rides Mantis twice with my other nephew and get's a night ride on Millenium Force.

My wife calls at 11 and says my sister and her crew are leaving so she would be by herself at the bleachers. we wait and watch as the ride runs then breaks down and watch as people that had waited in line for over an hour leave from the front of the line just before the last run to the station. They would get it going and finally launch a train we all cheer and then groan because it doesn't make it then on the next launch it goes and hangs up for what seems like 30 seconds before it makes it all the way over the top. so the trains all get going again with a few short delays and we make it all the way to second from last and the ride breaks down again.
I am practically dying hoping that the Maintenance guys get it going again so after a reset they launch a couple more and I am next the train comes up the gate opens and just as i step through they tell me to back up and the gate closes again. I am thinking this is the worst possible thing that could happen. Just as I'm thinking it's all over they reset again and after 3 hours we are on the ride. they move us up to the spot and the front train goes up and over no problem. we get up there (ever sice I saw the TV report I wanted to get a Rollback) It launches us up and as we get to the top it feels like we are going over and I was slightly disappointed until I realized we were stopping and moving backwards. we back up to the launch position and even my wife (whom was furious two minutes ago when she hung up on me) was smiling because I got a roll back I look back and my step Daughter is screaming still as they reset us for launch then a guy comes up and asks us the dumbest question of the night"do you want to relaunch?" DUHHHHH of course we do. Then they send us up and over and we are done. I didn't think it could get better than the roll back but the twist is amazing and my first trip to CP after all this time is complete. I missed Mantis but I experienced the ultimate.

My favorite coasters are now.

MIllenium Force
Top Thrill Dragster
The Beast

I know this was long but it was a great day. My kids said a little bit later that from now on they would not go to Ohio with me unless I promised to take them to Cedar Point they are also wondering what they are going to do with thier Wild adventures annual passes.
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From your screen name it sounds like have been there more often. I wish I had gotten a rollback. Nice TR anyway.

-Sean Newman

I wished for a rollback, of all the CP trips this year we only had enough patience to stick out the line once and you would think I would be lucky enough to get a rollback, no, but I guess we were lucky to ride because a few trains after ours TTD seemed to stop running for about 5 hours. But I'm hoping for a roll back next time?
The Screen name is more of a omage to the park I grew up at the one I went to last week is very different than it was 11 years ago and I have sworn to myself to never go that long again.

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