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I realize nobody has a crystal ball on crowds, but generally speaking... is visiting CP on a Saturday with Fast Lane Plus manageable? Are the waits typically short or is 45 minutes going to be the norm across the board (of course, that's better than 2 hours!)? I'm looking at late June. I do see where FL+ is significantly less expensive on Saturdays in June than they are in July, so I guess that's a good sign.


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Depends on whether or not stuff is, you know, open.

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Yeah, I will be keeping an eye on the wind forecast, for whatever that's worth.

Also keep your eyes on the price. I was there 2 Thursdays ago, it was a light day, and FL+ was over a hundred bucks. I wanna say 124. Anyway, it looks like the 80 dollar weekday FastLane days are gone.

You likely aren't going to be walking on anything. But you also aren't going to be waiting in Saturday standby lines.

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I can't fathom being at the park on a weekend in late June (of course assuming good weather) without Fast Lane Plus, unless it was one of those days where riding the toys is not important and we're just there to soak in the atmosphere.

It's manageable. As you would guess, Steel Vengeance and Maverick (to a lesser degree) will be the longer FLP lines.

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There are quite a few dates with $114 for FLP. But yeah, nothing in the $80s range.

For me, it's not if we should get FLP on a Saturday; it's whether or not we go on that day at all. We're planning a multi-night stay to enjoy Hotel Breakers, the rides, waterpark, and beach. Just trying to figure out if they're all weekdays, or if we mix in a weekend (which IMO, FLP becomes a necessity, especially since our plat pass has the free upgrade) to save my vacation days. A lot of trips planned this year so anywhere I can shave off vacation days, I'll take it!

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Out of curiosity, what is your window of time to potentially be at CP?

I was about to ask if you had a platinum pass; that upgrade will save you a lot of $$ in the expensive days, and now I am understanding a lot better of what you were asking.

The truth is, by late June even weekdays (with good weather) are getting up there in terms of busy crowds. Not as bad as weekends, but still busy enough to justify FLP.

Bottom line; If you are really looking to shave vacation days and have the weekend as an option, a Saturday (or Sunday) is manageable with FLP.

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OhioStater- We're looking at 4 nights/3 days; 2 days for rides & beach/pool time, and one day in CP Shores. So, plenty of time but we decided we'd do it up big.

I've been to CP numerous times but never on a Sat/Sun, let alone a multi-day trip. Never purchased a FL either. Some of the data points I've seen on peak crowds even with FLP on weekends gave me pause; but as I'm reading between the lines now those longer waits are mostly at Steel Vengeance and Maverick. I can deal with that.

Out of curiosity (in terms of a weekday)... do they still sell FL at some of the gift shops? I found an old reddit thread that listed the various locations in the park where you can buy them but it's hard to tell if that's accurate. Ideally I'd like to wait and see if it's necessary on a weekday, but also don't want to have to backtrack to the front of the park if we decide to purchase it.

Yeah, for the most part they don’t miss a chance.
The day I was there it would’ve been hard to find those locations open, but you should have no problem. I’ve purchased at the Steel Vengeance store plenty of times.

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If you want to Ride with a capital R get the Fastlane. Pick a day. It's going to be worth it. Maverick and Steel Vengeance aren't walk ups but the queue for FL is way shorter. Millennium Force's FL queue merges at the ramp and I've personally never seen the FL backed up beyond it.

If it were me I would make Saturday my beach/ water park/ nap day. I would go back in the park Saturday evening, do some of the smaller rides and enjoy the atmosphere. Maybe end the night on Millennium Force, Maverick, or Steel Vengeance. I would also take advantage of early entry to ride something other than Maverick or Steel Vengeance as they can't seem to reliably get them open in time.

Waterpark on a Saturday? I was thinking the opposite. Low capacity, slow moving lines with no FL option on the most crowded day of the week... or am I wrong on that? I'd rather do the waterpark on a Friday and visit the rides side on a Saturday with FL.

Regardless, I appreciate all the comments. I was leaning towards avoiding Saturday all together but my mind has been changed.

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We may visit parks differently but I would go when they open and ride the slides, then hang out in the pools, rivers, etc the rest of the day.

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