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Having missed closing weekend at Cedar Point, I was desperate to get some coaster riding in, so I went to SFWoA to try to get some use out of my season pass.

Unlike last year's final Friday night, the park was actually open, so the night started off really well. After riding the Flying Duchman (X-Flight), S:UE and the Boomerang (Serial Thriller), we came across some people we didn't expect to see at the crappy park just southeast of Cleveland.

While waiting for Big Dipper, which was ok, except for the fact that I got very little airtime where I sat, I spotted someone with a CP shirt, and then noticed a person in that group was wearing a CP supervisor jacket. Ends up some folks from food service came to SFWoA for some fun. I ran into the folks again at BKF, and it was just cool to see that although I missed closing weekend, I did have a chance to complement some CP employees for a great season.

Next we did the Hang and Bang (tm), (aka Serial Thriller), and unlike my last ride on it, I actually had fun. I guess I now have an idea why parks keep buying them. They are cheap, and provide a decent thrill. After that we did the Top Spin (Texas Twister). The ride-op gave us two rides in a row, with the second one being a much better program. Then off to Batman for 2 rides, which were fun, as usual. I love B&Ms, although I have only been on three.

After B:KF, my friend wasn't feeling well (Darn Top Spins), and we went off to Wal-Mart and McDonalds for a break. When we got back, we hit up Raging Wolf Bobs, which used to be one of my favorite rides when I was young. Some people may hate that ride, but I still love it, especially with the 2nd half retracked. I think that when it is done it will be great. After a great front seat ride, a fun second row ride, and a painful ride towards the back, I realized that retracking should help make the coaster great again.

The rest of the night, we rode BKF again (me 2 times and my friend once), along with Villain and Double Loop. I forget the order that we did things upon our return to the park, though. Villain was a front seat ride, which was fun, though I still maintain that the coaster is overrated. It has neither of the two things I like to see in a coaster in adittion to speed, those being airtime and laterals. I can still love a coaster that only has one or the other (or emphasizes one), but I would like to have at least one of those two things. Villain has neither.

Double Loop was not as fun as I thought it would be, but that is probably from being spoiled from getting screwed in the rear at Cedar Point.

Overall, it was a fun night, and the park was all decked out for Halloween. I think the park is finally showing some improvement. I also think they finally realize that they can't compete with Cedar Point, and as such, are doing a better job at just being the type of park they are, which is a regional park with a variety of attractions. (Cedar Point is a flagship park/destination resort, so I put it is in a different league).

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