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Sunday, October 15, 2000 9:06 PM
I'm going to try and hammer this out while I still remember it, because between the coasting, the alcohol and two nights in an uncomfortable bed, I'm more fried than Keith Richards at a crack party.

After the less than stellar weather last weekend, I knew this weekend would be crazy. Friday saw a crowd three times what they were expecting (though still manageable) and Saturday was a record day, topping off somewhere around 45,000 people.

The people in close company were my lovely bride, Stephanie, my cousin, his hoochie and best friend. We arrived at Breakers around 6:30 and checked in to our phat suite with lake view. After spending more time there later, I became irritated with some little things, namely the uncomfortable beds (nothing compared to the sofa bed) and the mold around the tub. Come on Cedar Point... accomodations is the one place you seem to always let me down, even if in little ways.

Despite the 10,000+ Friday crowd, waits weren't bad at all. I was surprised at how much I liked Iron Dragon at night, and Raptor gave some fast rides. Mantis had an insanely long line, and it was back to stack-o-rama, so we bypassed it.

We jumped in line for a 45 minute wait at The Force. After some little turds tried their best to get behind us, we landed front seat. The experience was nothing short of religious, and I don't think I'm exaggerating. The three key airtime points, Magnum hill, return hill and bunny hop, each pushed so hard that I could actually feel the hard part of the lapbar, something I hadn't felt since Superman at SFDL. I was shocked. The raw speed around the dark island would have been a powerful enough experience, but this was insane. Watching that moonlit track pass below me at high speed was nuts. For lap 46, it sure did surprise me.

A quick jump on a space shot and we headed back to the Breakers Love Shack, where Steph had fallen asleep (something about teaching at 6 a.m. that morning
Monday, October 16, 2000 4:57 AM
Great TR.

I'll add my take on closing weekend here.

Saturday: Arrived at the park around 9:30pm. Still very crowded. We only rode Gemini and Millennium Force. Waited 10 for Gemini and about 2hrs for MF. However, both rides were pheonominal. Even though the park was crowded and I didn't ride much, had a wonderful time.

Sunday: Drizzle most of the day. Crowds were moderate. Rode everything at least once (except Mantis). Got 5 on MF early thanks to the Marina gate. Closed on Magnum with a double brakeless ride. Thanks Magnum crew!

Overall, a wonderful weekend. Now that the local season is over I get to have the fun of moving for a couple weekends. :)

Scott W. Short
Monday, October 16, 2000 6:54 AM
I too went to CP this Saturday, and learned two valuable lessons. I'll never go again on a weeeknend, and I'll also never go again on the last weekend of the year. I'm not sure if the insane crowds were a fluke (due to nice weather, planets aligning, etc), but I can't take that much of waiting.

I rode 5 rides in 8 hours. Those are expensive rides.

Finally, I was the LAST person to be let into the MF station when loading the train. Of course, I got a crappy middle seat; very close to sitting in the front car. Needless to say, this is disappointing. Still an AMAZING ride, though.

Oh well, I guess you can't win them all.

Monday, October 16, 2000 4:58 PM
Hey Jeff, were you by chance wearing a Banshee shirt on Saturday while you were at the park?
Monday, October 16, 2000 5:18 PM
Nope... was wearing a GTTP shirt that day. Had my CP windbreaker late in the evening, as well as Friday and Sunday.

Webmaster/Admin - CoasterBuzz.com
Tuesday, October 17, 2000 4:23 AM
MooreOn: I saw a guy in a Banshee on Saturday too, white, tall, lanky. I almost ran up to him, but this was about the same time I was stalking GregLeg (LOL).

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