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looks like any coaster club is invited too boobuzz,,if so the turn out will probally be a lot bigger than previous.

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Except that we've done that before, and it's not true.

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whats not true??

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What you suggest as "probable."

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How many people normally come? I mean, this year will be my first.

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It varies, depending on weather and proximity to other events. We've had as many as 120 and as few as 30.

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The last time I went was '09...and it was (whispers) awesome!! I am still tripping over those huge bahind cookies we ate at dinner. I ate like 7 of them. I blew my weekly caloric allocation in one day.

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I'm looking forward to coming to this. This will be the first time my sister and I are coming. I can't wait to see the new Eden Musee.

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I really enjoyed the Eden Musee. I thought it was well done, and I was impressed that a.) they actually built a real building for it, and b.) the facade was actually quite a nice homage to what I've seen of the original CP Eden Musee.

I went through it twice yesterday, and the first time was definitely better than the second, because of the people around us. I absolutely can't stand it when people up in front are so slow that you catch up to them, and miss all of the scares.

If you look closely as you're going through Eden, there's actually a room/hallway with a bunch of pictures from the original that was at the park. I really love that kind of detail, even though it probably goes unnoticed by most people.

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Wow. Then I'll definitely have to go, just for that.

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