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I took my 74 year old mom to Cedar Point on Friday.

A trip report with pictures

I'd rather die living than live like I'm dead

^That's a VERY cool memory you'll have forever!

My 70 year old mother-in-law woudn't even consider the notion of going on Iron Dragon, so your mother is very brave! Good for her.... I think my mother-in-law got all of her rollercoaster riding out of her system back in the good old days of Euclid Beach Park. Both she and my father-in-law were amazed at Cedar Downs and appreciated the fact that it's still entertaining guests. We got my 72 year-old father-in-law on Iron Dragon, Mean Streak (which I was a bit nervous about), Disaster Transport, and Wicked Twister (!!! - surprise - he really liked it), but after those four he decided to call it quits. Going to Cedar Point with "the over seventies" is a lot more fun than I thought it would be and I want to do it again.

Thanks for the report. I liked how you did this outside of this website - it's nice to link pictures in the TR directly.

I was also very surprised how light the crowds were that day. If you went to TTD at the right time, there was only a 15 minute wait! I will post a trip report when I get a chance.

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Go Mom!
Go Mom!
Go Mom! (while making stirring motion with hands in front or me at waist height)

Great TR! Totally enjoyable to read and look at.

That's very nice. 74 and coasterin'! Awesome!
Some of my best memories came from riding coasters at Euclid Beach with my mom. She passed about 15 years ago

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