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Friday, May 26, 2006 12:14 PM
Wednesday you could say was a re-do of opening day for my friend Kristelle and myself. I'm not going to do ratings or anything right now, I'll do it at the end of the TR.

First ride of the day, MaXair. MaXair is an awesome ride, I don't care what others say. What made it even better is I was laughing the whole time as my friend screamed her head off.

Next up we headed to Disaster Transport, but learned it opened at 11. *I've been to that park how many times and I should have known that*
We had like 10 minutes to wait so we killed some time by riding Troika.

Troika is a pretty fun ride, and I'm sad that I've never been on it sooner. What made it even better is my friend Kristelle yelled "whazz up???" To the ride host, and he turned like 5 different colors of red. His skin color was matching his shirt color at one point. LOL!!!

Once we got off Troika it seems Disaster would be closed for a little while longer, but would open later in the day.

Onto the Blue Streak, and a back seat ride. This ride is a classic and I love woodies, but still give me my Wolf Bobs over this ride anyday. It was a pretty bumpy ride for this coaster. With some TLC this could be another great woodie again.

Calypso is a classic spinning ride and I love it. It didn't help though that my friend kept yelling "Geauga Lake is Better" to the ride host. He didn't really seem to mind either. He just smiled at us as we flew by. LOL..

Raptors line was too long so we headed to the back of the park. I convinced my friend to wait in line for TTD with me. Then up on the platform I convinced her to wait in the front seat with me. Once we were on the ride, and going out into the launching area she was like "It's too late to turn back now isn't it?" I was like yeah... It was cool she screamed on the way up, and after we got off she was like "That was awesome!" but she didn't want to do it again.

Magnum was next, in the middle of the train. This ride delivers massive amounts of airtime wherever you sit. This is probably one if not my favorite coasters.

Monster was down for a while, so I convinced my friend to go on Woodstock Express. LOL. It was a good ride, except for all the yellow jackets around. And them seats aren't really meant for two bigger people.

Gemini was next, and the ride op giving the spiels said the same 2 speils like 50 times while we were waiting. Then he asked what is the other ride in the park that goes 125 feet high/60MPH, then of course myself has to go and blurt out "SKYHAWK!", then he asked how tall was Magnums lift hill, and of course yet again I blurted out "205 Feet", then everyone looked at me, and thought I was in some kind of advanced physics class. LOL...I guess you could say that I am though...

After Gemini we kept walking into Frontier Town, with the first ride being Skyhawk! After a 15 minute wait, my friend and I piled into numbers one and two on the blue side. This ride is so awesome!!

Next up was the water rides. Snake River Falls was a real drencher, especially since we sat in the back. Thunder Canyon got us good this time as well. We were under 2 of the biggest waterfalls.

After that we went on the Wave Swinger. For some reason I don't like this swing ride. I like the Yo-Yo at Geauga Lake better.

Anyhow we decided to hit up Cedar Creek Mine Ride. On the train we went on, there were a whole bunch of guys, and they had the whole train being really loud. At the end in the braking station one of the guys was like "Stop, Stop, Stop, someone pass me a Miller Light." It was crazy.

We decided to ride Skyhawk 2 more times before heading back up toward the front of the park.
We rode Magnum again, this time the front car, 2nd seat. The train right after us, got stuck on the lift. I was happy and mad at the same time. But I shouldn't be too angry, because I was up there for almost a 1/2 hr on opening day.

Corkscrew was up next, and I had to ride twice, because Kristelle thought one of the ride ops was cute. I hate Arrow Loopers...especially when it looks like someone pinched my ear after riding.

Onto Mantis, and Wildcat. I absolutely lothe Mantis, but not as much as Corkscrew. Anyhow it was an okay ride, with my inner thighs feeling like they've just been punched about 100 times each.

Wildcat was a relatively short wait, 3 trains and we were on. A purple car, front seat view, and the opportunity to squish each other, makes this a fun coaster.

Iron Dragon is too lame for me to ride. I got my credit for it this year and that's enough.

Power Tower..my friend convinced me to ride. This is the only ride at Cedar Point besides the ferris wheel, and witches' wheel that I am terrified of. She had never been on the green side, and didn't plan on going on it either. So I slowly boarded the red side, and when we shot up, I screamed my head off. Kristelle was like "You're screaming just made the ride even more enjoyable."
We ended up riding a second time on the same side.

Off to MaXair for a second ride, then onto Dispatch Master Transport-Disaster.
Yes this ride is great, and it's even better when there are no lights on when you are riding. It's still one of my favorite rides, even if others think it is lame.

Raptor was closed for a while, but as we started walking away they re-opened the line, and we were on the first train after re-opening. This ride runs awesomely, and this is one if not my favorite B&M coaster. We also ended up riding this two more times as it was kept open until 8:20.
Raptor isn't complete without a ride in the front and back.

Of course we bought some 25 cent cotton candy, ate an Elephant Ear, and I became addicted to Mambas. OMG those are like the best candy in the world. They're like saltwater taffy and starburst combined.

Overall it was the best trip I've been on to Cedar Point in years. And that's really saying something.

~~~~Coaster Lover~~~~~~~~~~

Sunday, May 28, 2006 7:31 AM
"Quote" Next up we headed to Disaster Transport, but learned it opened at 11. *I've been to that park how many times and I should have known that*

Why doesn't it open when the park opens are they pulling a SF. When the gates open all rides should be open. How come you didn't ride Mean Streak?

Sunday, May 28, 2006 8:02 AM
Good Trip Report. Sometimes going with the right person or people makes a good day great and a great day awesome. On the other end of the coin - sometimes going with the wrong people really stinks - both for you and them.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!


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