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Sunday, September 30, 2001 6:16 PM
So a group of us was planning on hitting this past Halloweekend. In addition to Lori and her husband Steve, there was my brother Matt, our sister Liz, AND I invited my friend Andrea (and myself, of course).

Andi decided to not go. Then Liz was sick and decided she didn't want to chance it. Then Matt wasn't feeling great, and decided to rest this weekend so he could attend PPP next weekend (can't argue with that logic ;) )

So we were down to three, plus Josh (Raven-Phile) was meeting us there. Undaunted by our dwindling numbers, we set out on Saturday morning. Our plan was to enter through the Marina Gate, meeting up with Josh (and possibly ST chick and her friends) there, and heading to Millennium Force.

We arrived at the park around 11:15 (after stopping at the World's Slowest McDonald's (tm)), and discovered that gates were already open, and select coasters were already running! This threw our plans off, but what the hey...

First stop, Raptor. We headed for the back row, and I took the right seat. This baby was FLYING, and if the trims hit at all I didn't notice it.

Then we were off to MF, where we took 2 quick laps. Millie was already warmed up by this point, but the crowds hadn't gathered yet. It was just hitting noon, when the park was supposed to open, and we already had 3 rides under our belts.

Now we faced a small problem -- finding Josh, as we hadn't met him at the Marina Gate. Fortunately, Josh has green hair, so it was easy to ask some ops if they'd seen him. Steve eventually spotted Josh not far from MF, and now our group was complete. For the time being...

I can't remember the last time I saw so many enthusiast-types at a park on a "non-event" day. We saw more people from CB and GTTP than I've seen gathered at one time outside of, say, CoasterMania -- ST chick, Red Garter Rob, Rideman, Arrow Guy, Kicks the Sky, CP Irvine, Robodud, Vince-whose-screenname-I-can't-remember ;) AirtimeSROS (who was working), and others who I'm forgetting off the top of my head (sorry, everyone, I'm really pretty bad with names!)

Our motley crew grew and shrank multiple times as the day progressed. We managed to hit all sorts of rides, including two of the walk-through spookshows and the FrightZone, multiple rides on most coasters, and a fair selection of "flat"/non-coaster rides (Dodge-Em, Troika, Ocean Motion, Calypso, Cedar Downs, Demon Drop, Monster, Wave Swinger, the Sky Ride, Power Tower (up), Tilt-a-Whirl, and VertiGo.)

The crowds were moderate, with some lines getting pretty long as the day went on, but we were able to avoid any significant waits. We looked at several lines and passed on them, commenting on how spoiled we were getting, we weren't willing to wait for anything anymore. ;)

As for the haunted houses, we hit Undertaker U early in the afternoon, before the crowd had worked its way back. I won't give away anything (I can't remember all the details anyway ;) ) but I WILL say it's definitely worth doing. Lori was probably more fun than the creepshow itself, though :)

We also did the Toxic Tunnel -- the 3 of us decided to leave the park around 5 to check into our hotel and grab dinner; Josh went with us. On the way out, we noticed that there was no line for the Toxic Tunnel, so we jumped in. Again, I don't remember everything about it, but it was good, and worth doing if the line isn't too long. I actually found one trick in the Toxic Tunnel much more effective than its equivalent in Undertaker U -- I was actually briefly disoriented coming out.

On the way out of the park, Lori, Steve, and I bought our Season Passes for next year as well. Dinner was at the Thirsty Pony, which wasn't bad -- I'd eat there again. Decent food, not too expensive. They even had fried pickles, which I usually like, although these weren't as good as the ones I used to be able to get locally at Wiggy's...

Then it was back to the park in the dark. The FrightZone was very cool. The fog machines and odd lighting effectively made it difficult to see even though it was outdoors. Very cool. Josh freaked some people out by pounding on a trash can as they were passing by, which was funny. That's probably the coolest part about FrightZone -- it's more interactive than the other "haunted" areas. Due to the fog and lighting, patrons walking through become PART of the experience. Especially when they decide to take an active role... ;)

Ride comments:

The VertiGo shot was my 2nd; I wanted to try the "Big Bang Plus" setting (having tried Big Bang the first time), and Arrow Guy was game enough to try it even though it was his first shot. What a rush -- I loved Big Bang, but this was even better! Watching the ground rush away from you, but then flipping upright near the top to feel the intense airtime (and get a perspective of how high you REALLY are, because now you can see more than just concrete below you :) ) is just amazing. Now that I've tried it twice, I may not pay for VertiGo EVERY time I go to Cedar Point, but I WILL ride it again. This was also Lori and Steve's first shot, and they tried the Big Bang. The third side of our VertiGo shot was occupied by Red Garter Rob, for his seemingly-millionth-time ;)

Gemini -- 4 laps (2 each side). This baby was flying, especially Blue -- both of our laps on this side were completely trim-free! This ride was especially entertaining during the last 3 laps, as Oscar was giving the speil. This guy is very funny, and is reason enough to go "again and again and again".

Magnum -- 2 laps. I DO still love this ride -- I AM an airtime whore...

Blue Streak -- 1 lap. In retrospect I wish we'd gone back and ridden this some more, as the old girl was making an effort. This wasn't the Blue Streak of old with the buzz bars and no headrests (yes, I WILL keep on commenting about that until Cedar Point restores those trains -- in other words forever), but it sure was trying. Good airtime in the front.

Mean Streak -- 2 laps, with an attempt at a 3rd. We were pleasantly surprised by this ride. Our first lap was expected to be a token ride while the line was short. The drop trim was just touching the train. Mean Streak was actually giving hints of airtime and laterals, and was actually FUN! Enough that we came back two more times, although on our third time in line the ride shut down. Bummer.

Iron Dragon, Mantis, Corkscrew, and Disaster Transport each got a token lap. Mantis was running without the trims on the first drop, but the midcourse was on pretty heavy. The result was a decent ride that didn't have us screaming "again, again".

Cedar Creek Mine Ride got 2 whirls -- why not, it was empty back there.

We closed out the night on Raptor, which was still flying.

Overall, this was one of my best trips to Cedar Point ever. The company, the atmosphere, and the rides combined for an incredible experience. If there was any lingering disappointment from the inconsistency of Millennium Mania, this day wiped that right out.

Next up, Phoenix Phall Phunfest -- Steve & Lori's first trip to Knoebel's...

"Beat the rush, sign up for your post-Mean Streak MRI now..."
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Sunday, September 30, 2001 6:40 PM
Very well said. It was an excellent day, and really neat to meet all you guys!

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Sunday, September 30, 2001 7:08 PM
I couldn't have said it any better Greg.  It was a nice day, the park overall was running well and meeting new and old friends just makes the experience so much better.  I still find it amazing that we live 3 hours away and run into more people we know than we would at our home park.  Just goes to prove what a great family CB and GTTP provide for us.  Thanks Jeff!
Christ how do you kids do it
Sunday, September 30, 2001 7:58 PM
Aww, all you po!nters suck ! ;) Airtime Whores! :) heheheheh

If it's the same Vince that I think it is, his screen name is Wiredog. Glad to hear you all had fun. Maybe one day I'll make it back out that way. BTW: Grab a ride on Knoebels' Twister for me.
jeremy AAtW
(Anti-Airtime Whore)

Sunday, September 30, 2001 8:47 PM
Hey that is the worlds slowest McDonalds.
Visiting from California this Summer, we stayed at the Breakers express.
And of course we decided to get breakfast at that McDonalds before going to the point.
But the EXTREME slowness killed it and we left.
Ah, the memories...

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Sunday, September 30, 2001 10:13 PM
Earlier this summer, when my wife and I visited CP, we stopped at the very same McDonalds.  The wait was insane, plus they served milkshakes with spoons and no straws...  :)
Sunday, September 30, 2001 10:32 PM
Well I'm not a Motley Crue fan, but I am a drummer! :) It was a fantastic day. Also great to meet those that did go! Magnum was again breathless!! Even trimmed, it gives an outstanding performance.

PS..I didn't know 4 people could cram into a Tilt A Whirl!!!
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Monday, October 1, 2001 6:39 AM
Jeremy wins the prize, Vince and Wiredog is the same person. The wife and I had a blast running into old friends. It was like a convention with so many people there.
You guys should have stayed for Sunday. Everything but Millie was a walk on and then it was only a 20 minute wait and to our surprise we saw the infamous Scott AKA Shivering Tim and his side kick Jerry.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2001 6:01 AM
I was at the park this weekend???

j/k.. it was fun.. one of the best parts had to be when I looked up after we got off Ocean Motion to see the gang watching me and Rideman debate the meaning of orange spraypaint markings on the ground.. You would have thought we were trying to launch the space shuttle (Dave and I) when I look up to see everyone just staring at us... Too funny..

Won't be up there this coming weekend (quality daddy time with the little monster) but weekend after that.. I will be bringing Sabrina back to CP for her first visit since she left the Gemini crew... should be interesting...

"Mantis looks too intense for me.."
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