CP 9/24/05 Good times

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This was our first and only trip to CP this year. Nearly killed on OH Turnpike, (small rant...people, when merging onto a four lane, respect the yield sign and don't barrel across all lanes of traffic without looking...rant done.) Arrived at the Point at 4:30 and since this was our first Halloweekend, was a little surprised at how crowded the lot was. Got inside, looked over at MaXair, and decided to wait till the end of the day for that one. The puke factor, you know.

Headed over to Raptor, 45 minute wait. First ride in the back of the train, and I've been riding this since the year it was built. Surprised at the pop of air I got. Great smooth ride, intense but not brutal. Headed further back into the park. ID was next, good ride to get the buzzing out of the head from Raptor.

Then, we got to MF. Hour and a half wait. Some line jumpers slipped past us and I did what was suggested by someone else on this board. Yelled, "Look Out...Line jumpers coming through." Everyone looked, but it solved the problem. They didn't move up any further. Thanks to whoever suggested this! Anyways, MF was a night ride by the time we got to the station. Dispatch times were horrible. All three trains at the station every run. Didn't see any crew member slacking, couldn't tell what was wrong. MF gave an awesome ride, as always. By the way, 5' 10 1/2", 190 lbs, 36" waist...3" slack...no problem.

Headed through Frontier Trail, Halloween decor amazing. Rode CCMR, was entertained by the little girl riding behind us. She thought it was the "bestest ride." Came off the second lift and she yelled to her dad "Wow! We're really moving now!" Priceless moment for a dad. Took a look around WWL, WS. SRF. Didn't see any markings other than the ones already discussed. I agree with the general consensus here. Goodbye WWL. Rode the train forward, checked out Monsters of Rock, rode the Sky Ride to the front and started down the other side of the park.

Wow, shock. MaXair down. Oh well, over to DT. Line about halfway past Troika. Not waiting for that. On to WT. Got to the queue just as they were clearing it for a break down. What the hell! Young girl working the entrance was very professional about telling people the ride was down. She was firm in saying for mechanical difficulties, she didn't know for how long, but she was polite at the same time. Good Job. Decided to wait around a bit to see what would happen as we have never been on WT. It has been broke down every time we've been there, every year since it was built. What was that? A test shot? Another test shot? The queue is opening? Finally! A ride on WT. What a rush. The push you get on the second shot forward is incredible. Also didn't expect the feel of the twist to be so intense. Great ride.

Next, we went down through Carn-Evil. Great effects, foggers running so hard that you couldn't see people three feet in front of you. The evil guy with the crash cymbals was good. Watched him scare quite a few people from behind with those cymbals. Stopped at Coaster's for a burger and malt. All I can say is "How Much? For That? Oh well, wasn't like we didn't expect it to be that way. Continued down the TTD midway, looked at TTD, sniffed, shed a tear, still haven't got to ride this because of down time. Another reason to come back next year. Got a marriage proposal from an evil lookin' bride. Sorry, hon, my husbear gave you a dirty look.

Wrapped up the night with a few more rides, had a bunch of fun, can't wait for next year. This was the first time we didn't run around the park from coaster to coaster, and making ourselves sick. Actually took the time to enjoy the park atmosphere, even though we didn't hit any of the haunted houses or wait the two hours for Werewolf Canyon. So long, CP, see you next year. Oh yeah, can't forget the boysenberry punch!

That wasn't the DT line past Troika, that was for the haunted house. The entrance for DT is moved down across from the space spiral for Halloweekends and was only about 15 minutes long Saturday night. Just so you know for future reference.
Thanks loriu. Read somewhere they did that. Forgot. With so many rides going down for maintenance that night, I just thought people were waiting there to see if DT would reopen. I know...why would they waste time doing that?:)

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