CP 9/22 Walk-on daY!!!

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I sadly had to wake up at 8:30am. I get picked up by my friend at 10:30, And were off to Cedar Point. We watch a great flick Dude Where's My Car on the way there. We get in the park at 12. It looked like it was going to rain so we headed straight for Millennium Force. We got the blue train. We rode the best coaster in the world and as soon as we got off Millennium it started to rain. But it stopped raining as soon as we got down the Mantis hill which by the way was our next ride.

We get off this intense ride and go eat lunch at Coasters. I didn’t eat because I wasn’t hungry. Are next thrill of the day would be Power Tower. We ride the Turbo Drop. My friend chicked out for this but luckily his LITTLE brother didn’t. Yes I said little. So while they were taking us up 300ft I took a look at the construction. And I started watching Millennium go up and down the hill, and as soon as Millennium got into turn 1… we dropped! I love this ride!

After this for some reason we rode Wildcat and Iron Dragon. O’l Dragon lost its fun with the trees gone. Now we start our journey for Wicked Twister. We ride pretty close to the back. If you haven’t ridden this yet ride in the back not the front. I go off to buy the Fearsome Five T-shirt. I come back to my friend who yes again chicked out that his bro. and his mom went to ride Wicked Twister again. While we were waiting for the to get on and off, Wicked Twister before It went up the front spike for the last time, for some reason the brakes went down. And they stopped. I got a picture to prove it but I won’t have the developed until Thursday. Next was Disaster Transport. We walk on and walk off.

After that we hit Raptor. We walk-on twice and decide to get ready for a long walk back to Magnum XL 200. I got some pics of the supports and yes I have proof of red and white track connected but I won’t have my pictures up until Thursday. OK, We get on Magnum and have a nice air time filled ride. And we decide to get on Mean Streak. Every one get ready to gasp. We actually had to wait 10 Min for Mean Streak. Ahhhh. The world is coming to an end. Anyway they went to ride Gemini but I decided to get some fries and cheese at the Happy Friar. Now we head back to Millennium. This time we get the yellow train. And for some reason this seemed a lot faster than the blue train.

Some how we ended back up at Raptor. We walked on 5 times in a row in the back row. Yes I said the Back row. This is the best row for Raptor. After were done Kicking The Sky lol we decide to call it quits and we leave at 8:00pm. This day was amazing the longest wait was ½ for Millennium Force. The rest of the rides were either 1min to 15min.

The best parts of the day were Millennium Force (of coarse), Power Tower, and the mean streak. This is the reasone why mean streak was a good part of the day. We get back into the station from a head-rattling ride and he says Welcome back Mean Streak riders how was your ride. --------(silence)------- lol!

Anyway I can’t wait to get back to America’s Rollercoast. Cedar Point!!!

400+ 100mph+ at CP in 2003? Yay!!!!

I was there too. They let me just stay on Raptor and keep riding it. The longest I waited was 15 min. for MF. Best day ever at the point.
I know it was soooo awesome.

400+ 100mph+ at CP in 2003? Yay!!!!

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What happened to your post? Every time you put in an apostrophe it mutilated into gibberish.

"I own you!"
-quotes I have been known to exclaim on coasters.


400+ 100mph+ at CP in 2003? Yay!!!!

I copied and pasted it from Microsoft Word.

400+ 100mph+ at CP in 2003? Yay!!!!


I do my trip reports in Word also and what I found to work best for me is to paste your report in the "plain post" format. I had troubles with paragraphs not being shown when I used "rich text" format. Once I went to plain posting, it worked for me.

I was also at CP on Sunday and had a great time. I didn't ride as much as I could have but I mainly went up to get my 2003 season pass, and to check out the construction site. I ran into Scott Short and Dave Althoff and before you know it, I was riding everything they were and ended up staying much longer than I expected to.


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