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Before I get started just want to say that I am not gonna go through the whole thing... just gonna hit the highlights...

9/17: Had all the good stuff (Raptor, Mantis, MXL, MF, WT, MaXair, ID, PT) in before 2pm. Longest wait of the day was 20-25 min for MaXair, Mantis, and MF. The Biggest note for me happened Saturday also...

Decided to hit up the Johnsonville Brat stand for a few brews... then finially in all my years coming to CP (like I am 23 so the last 15 yrs) I got over my biggest fear and rode the Giant Wheel for the first time ever. Love Thrill Rides, Hate slow high rides. IE: Skyride, space spiral, Giant Wheel etc.. etc...

9/18: Made the running of the bulls for MF from the marina gate at 9am this morning. Made 1st train out 4th row from the back. Rode 2 more times with no wait. Longest wait of the day... about 10 mins for MaXair and Raptor front car. EVERYTHING was walk on and I do mean EVERYTHING.

No action seen on TTD. No mechanical work happening at all. Heard all the same rumors... waiting for parts to fix it, will be down for the rest of the season. Who knows for sure right?

Construction Watch: Saw all the same things we have seen on CP's website blog. Town Hall w/ Green marks and white arrow. But also saw from the WWL station that there were blue and yellow flags and markings to the west side of the station behind the old Eatery by the old carousel and wave swinger. Saw a few guests over there taking photos of it. Also saw ppl in white polo shirts filming rides saturday, particularly Cedar Downs and in that area. Don't know who those ppl were... anyone else?

All in all good trip... many of ride and re-ride oppurtunities during the weekend. And I found out that yes it is possible to go to the Point in the post-TTD era with TTD down and still have a total blast!!

Here's to facing your fear of the Giant Wheel!
Interestingly enough, i have never rode that either, i have been there like 20 times in my life, and never rode it. The one that would scare me is the Wonder Wheel in the Coney Complex of amusement parks, with the carriages going down rails.

Good to see some flags and stuff being seenebut doesnt that mean utilities generally. I just wonder there. Glad to hear you had fun. *** Edited 9/19/2005 3:55:05 AM UTC by MagnunBarrel***

Resident Arrow Dynamics Whore

Yeah I have seen that one before... I don't think you could get me on that. But I do have to say that I now that I have done it (Giant Wheel)... I know I could do it again, not by choice but it wasn't as bad as I expected. Had to ride the sky ride too... also my 1 of my least favorite...

I totally forgot to post in there that I said my goodbyes to the Demon Drop this weekend with 3 rides each day. I really do enjoy that ride and think it is a completely different experince than Power Tower. The point where the car comes up to a stop before the 3 second countdown has to be one of the most intense moments on a drop ride. Sorry to see it go, hopefully it isn't purchased and its relocated to MA. *** Edited 9/19/2005 4:08:47 AM UTC by TopThrill10***

The one that would scare me is the Wonder Wheel in the Coney Complex of amusement parks, with the carriages going down rails.

I've been on the erstaz copy, the Sun Wheel, at California Adventure (just next to Disneyland). It wasn't what it was cracked up to be, but those that have been on both tell me that Deno's Wonder Wheel makes DCA's Sun Wheel look like child's play.

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