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Monday, October 1, 2001 10:54 PM
Well this was my third time at CP in the past 2 years and probably the best. I managed to get a group of five together for this instead of the usual two. Most of my friends do not share my sense of adventure. We started the day with MF in the front seat. I had ridden MF 5 times last year but never got the front seat. It was pretty awesome. I still can't get over the speed of this ride, yes SROS at SFNE has more "ride elements" but it can't compare with the pure intensity of MF. After that we headed to Magnum, I loved this coaster last year but I think we got a bum train which may have been in need of new wheels. We sat last seat and it was very rough, a lot of up and down jolts. I think I may have been and inch shorter after that. I still love the ride but that train needed fixing. Gemini was next, I really dig this one, though I always seem to choose the losing train. Still a lot of fun. We then moved on to Mean Streak, I had liked this coaster last year but this day it was a drag. First someone had barfed on it so we had to watch that clean up...mmmmm...another bucket of water please? Then the brakes came on really strong on the first hill and it just never really got going. Too many breaks. After that we had lunch and took some pictures. While doing this I lead my merry band over to check out Vertigo close up. After seeing it go I was determined to try it so I could stomp my fear of heights into the ground further than it already was. Now I just needed to convince someone in my party to go with me....twenty minutes later I had talked my girlfriend into it, and Ripcord, because it would be cheaper to do both at once. Well we went for the Big Bang Plus and it was really cool, though I don't really know about those vests that hold you on, they seem to allow a lot of side to side motion. At the top of the flight I let go of the handle and attempted to raise my hands up for the free fall but the second I did that I began to slide really far to my left and it really felt like I could fall, I doubt that I would have but it was a bit freeky. I loved the ride but I don't know how anyone goes hands free on it. Next was Ripcord, this really had me nervous. It looked like a lot of fun but my fear of heights had me fidgeting about the haul up to the drop point. My girlfriend was not to peachy with it either but finally at 5pm we were being hoisted up. In the end I wasn't nervous at all, I was just amazed at how small people get below while you are hoisted up. I pulled the chord and did my best one armed power dive possible, my girlfriend had my other arm and she did not let go for the whole ride. I have to say that this was quite possibly the best ride I have ever taken. The experience far exceeded anything that a coaster has provided so I guess all I have left to do now is skydive. After conquering those rides I felt immortal and feared nothing. So naturally we hit Calypso! Hey I like flat rides what can I say? Then Blue Streak, I didn't get on this last year so it was a must. It was fun but nothing great. The same went for Wildcat, but that was neat just because I had never been on a coaster like that before. We hit Raptor which was awesome just like last year, and then walked by Mantis on our way for a final ride on MF. I really don't like the stand up ride, it is uncomfortable and just seems silly after standing in line for an hour to then stand on the ride. Maybe someone could make moving chairs for that line? We finished the night with a backseat (best seat) ride on MF in the dark. Once again that is an incredible ride. It was then midnight and time for bed.

On the way home from CP on Sunday my girlfriend and I decided to make a pit stop at SFDL to try SROS and Predator. I had no interest in the other coasters. The park is tiny but really clean, unfortunately the positives stop there. I don't know what they were thinking when they designed this SROS but I am sure glad that they got it right by the time the built the one at SFNE. DL's was soooooo lame! The drop is ok but then that second hill just eats up all of the trains speed! Then its into a slow and boring helix, and even more boring straight away and then its done. The tunnels and constant speed and action on SROS at NE are far superior. We sat in the back seat and literally got no airtime, whereas every hill on SROS NE is explosive, unlike a certain coaster in Jersey claims to be. I have a feeling that just having ridden MF the night before made the ride seem slower than normal but it still seemed tame and lame. We then hit Predator or maybe I should say it hit us. At first I was ticked off by the brake on the first drop but then I was thankful when I found how rough the ride was. I think a rib is still out of place!! Predator seems like the little cousin of the Beast family in Ohio. Just as rough just shorter. After that ride we were gone. I am glad that I tried the coaster but even gladder that my SFNE season pass and parking pass got us in for free because that place was not worth the admission. Next year on the way back from CP I will hit SFWOA instead.


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