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Monday, August 4, 2003 11:37 PM
I was hoping that the treat of rain would have kept a lot of people away, but it didn't.

I arrived at the park at about 9:15 and parked around back. Of course TTD was broke down so I headed over to MF. It was running when I drove by, but was broke down now also. Somehow, I don't think that Intamin is going to get the call when it is time for CP to brake the 500ft. record.

MF was down, but the Beemer next door was running, so I headed over. I got off about 10:00 and MF was now up and running and they were starting to let people in, so I thought that I would get in line. Ha. It looked like the line ended by the Red Garter, but it actually snaked all the way back to the Berry Market where you can buy the Knots Berry Farm stuff. I decided to head back to Mean Streak and then to Magnum.

Mean Streak was walk on. I think that they added more trims. Normally I defend this ride a little as I am one of the few that likes it. We barley made it over the second hill. I thought about sticking my leg out and pushing a little. Any more trim and they will need a chain on the second hill to pull the train over. I only got a little air on the last hill before the block brakes.

After two quick runs on Magnum, I headed back to MF for my freeway, and then one for Mantis. Then I walked back over to MF for a back seat ride after an 1:45 wait.

Walking back over to TTD to see if there was any chance of it running, I seen a film crew. I thought that I could get myself on the news so I followed. Here, Big Chuck and Little John (Cleveland area comedians) were filming a little skit about riding the Dragster. Dragster, of course was not running.

I took a few pictures and then a few more laps on Magnum. And then a few on Gemini.

After that I decided to head up to the front of the park. I took a right, back seat ride on Raptor and then a few trips on Blue Streak. This seemed to be running very well today. Lots of air from this fine old coaster.

Heading back to Mantis and MF to use my Freeway stamps, I hit PT on the way. One on Power Shot and one on Turbo Drop. Then front seat rides on both Mantis and MF.

Then I headed back to MS to give it a second shot. While in line though, It started to thunder and the rides were shut down. I wanted to ride it after the rain hoping it would be better, but the sky got dark and the rumble of thunder never left.

I headed out to my truck and drove around to the front of the park. Most of the people were now leaving because it was raining hard now and not letting up. I almost left to, but decided to wait a little longer. A little after 9, it stopped raining and I went back into the park.

I went over to Chaos to ride my favorite flat ride. After getting off, they opened up WT so I went over and grabbed a few back seat rides. After a few front seat night flights on Raptor, I headed back to MF for a final run of the night.

All in all, it was a good day. The park was very busy which is good for the park, bad for me. :) I sure hope they can work out the bugs with TTD. This was my sixth trip to the Point and TTD was only in operation three of those trips. I have at least been able to ride it. I feel bad for those who have made long treks to ride it and have been unsuccessful.

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Monday, August 4, 2003 11:52 PM
MF seems to be down quite a bit lately, a few weeks ago the red trains restraints were stuck closed so it was down about a half hr while they removed the train from the track, then last fri, it seemed to be down a few times through out the day, for short times but when you have two rides down esp being the most popular two it can be nerve racking.

Also don't get two bent out of shape about TTD being down, my first visit this year it was down all morning and as soon as we entered the line in the evening it started to rain and it dosen't operate in the rain, the next 6 visits it was completly down, and the last 3 its been up then down then up then down, so bad I only rode it once, and with the break downs our short line turned into a 2 1/2 hour wait, but that day I was determined to ride the damn thing, luckily we got in the shortest line deciding not to wait for the front, because about 2 trains after us it was down for a long long time, I don't even know if it even opened back up.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2003 9:25 AM
I must be lucky then. I have visited six times and was able to ride it three, twice in the front. The days it was running, it ran rather well, only a few brakedowns that lasted ten or 15 min.

Most of the minor breakdowns have been computer glitches, but the last two times I was at the park, something was wrong with the car catch or launch sled or what ever the heck that thing is called. They were up working on the track all day yesterday wrenching on it and cutting/burning something with torches??????????? Last time, one of the CP Police Officers told me that there is some kind of a nylon bearing used in the launch track and car catch that melts down over time and has to be replaced. Maybe this winter they will sit down and scratch their heads and come up with a fix.

Maybe CP could use the Lemon Law and get a new one coaster ;)

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Tuesday, August 5, 2003 10:07 AM
Cp is always packed on mondays. Sundays and Wednesdays are the only days i go. I've gone 10 times and i have gotten 6 rides on TTD 1 front 1 second seat and 4 in the back and 22 rides on MF. MF has been broken down quite a bit in the mornings lately and TTD was pretty reliable through July but has been down since I believe saturday 8/2. I'm heading out there tomorrow so hopefully they get TTD up today so I can catch another ride.
Tuesday, August 5, 2003 4:44 PM
I work third shift here in Pittsburgh and have Sunday and Monday nights off, so Monday it the only real option for me. I went a few weeks ago on a Sunday after leaving work, but the lack of sleep really catches up on the 2:45 hour trip home. The other four Monday trips were not that bad, but they were in May and June.

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