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Dang, talk about hot! I felt like I was back living in Debary, FL. again when I first moved from Boston, MA. down there!

Arrived at 9am from Pontiac, MI., and parked right behind the handicapped rows. Went to the Marina gate to wait and wait and wait. (Mental note to self: get Season Pass and JCC next year.) 9:30 am, enter park, 1 hr wait for MF already, so we wandered over to Magnum to start out our day with and got a nice airtime filled ride. We then hit up Gemini which was running Red only but that was ok, cause this ride is just so smooth and cool for a coaster. After that, we swung around to Power Tower for a quick downshot. I for one, personally like the upside better, with which the wife agreed. Leaving there, we headed over to MF which had a 2 hr wait and grabbed our Freeway for 6-7 pm. We then sprinted off to WT to catch a 1/2 wait for the 2nd last row. This was the first time this season we got to ride it, since it was down the other times we came this year. This being the first time we rode a coaster of this sort, I thought it was pretty slick. I loved Volcano when I rode that one, and nothing will ever compare to the thrill of a launched coaster in my book.

We decided to hit Raptor on the way out to the car for lunch, which closed down as we approached. We decided to go eat lunch at the car instead. Lunch in the car was uneventful for the most part. The people next to us didn't seem to appreciate our fascination with feeding the seagulls scraps, but we felt it was part of the parks collateral entertainment package, sort of a UFC for gulls. :-)

After lunch, we headed back in and hit Raptor again, followed by Wildcat, Iron Dragon, Disaster Transport, Magnum(2x) and Gemini(2x) again. Had to allow the wife to fufill her compulsion to win another stuffed animal for the closet yet again, so another trip out to the car to dispose of that.

Back into the park again around 5:30 pm, to meander over MF for our Freeway ride. 30 mins later, I was in heaven as we ascended the lift, trying to convince my wife, brave as she is, to open her eyes for at least 3 seconds of the ride and look over to the left at the great view of the lake, to no avail. Always a sweet ride, I actually remembered to smile for the camera this time!

From there we hit WT again and waited for the front seat. I think I like the front much better than the back, just for the visuals of looking straight down at the beach and crowd, screaming like a lunatic at everyone.

We then hit DT and Raptor again, the went over to PT for an up-blast. Just as we got on and were ready to be launched, we caught a glimpse of lightning in the distance. 1/2 seconds later, we were right at the top watching it in the distance, and it was like a line of black from the North heading straight for the point. When we got off, we noticed throngs of people streaming from the back of the park to the exit, and being 8pm already with a semi-long drive back to Pontiac ahead of us, we decided to call it a day and bailed. We were lucky we got to park so close to the main gate, and managed to be in our car on on Route 6 before most people thought of packing their coolers.

In a nutshell:

CP and it's staff was awesome. My wife sends her apologies to (Eric?) the guy who was bussing the tables at the Burger Patio, whose vain attempts to drive off the birds were thwarted by my wife's kindness and need to feed any animal that begs for food.

WT was awesome in the front seat.

There are alot of cops on Ohio Route 2 thru Oregon.

Being at the Marina gate at 9am doesn't do that much more for you if you don't have a pass and JCC, or stay at the resort!

All the trip reports I read from Cedar Point say they want on WT a lot. Sounds like a great ride. I didn't get to go on it because I went to CP last year.


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What, no Blue Streak? If you didnt hit that one you were really missing something special. That ride is a totally new ride from what it was last year. Great airtime, with massive ejector in 1.3. Sorry if you missed it. :(

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SFgadvMAN - We're only able to ride WT so much because it never has that long of a line. It's so much fun too. You can't just walk on one ride after another but it's always fun to do when you've done everything else.

If you like Wicked Twister in the back, does that mean you like to get screwed in the rear?

Actually, we rode Blue Streak earlier in the season, and decided to skip out on it this time around since the park was kinda on the busy side. I agree that it is running rather better than I recall in recent years.

I also forgot to mention that we hit Mean Squeak after lunch as well. We had the Red train with it's wonderful sound effects, but amazingly, the ride was rather fast this day. Seems to me like that ride has it's up and down days for some reason.

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