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Well, my hubby and I made our first trip ALONE to an amusement park this year yesterday, and what better park to pick. Crowds were fairly light so we got to ride quite a bit in our 8 hours.

Let's see, we got "screwed in the rear" (as Jeff likes to put it) 3 times, felt the force 3 times, kicked the sky twice, streaked twice (once was mean and the other left us blue), we dragged iron, that is one wild cat , got transported to Alaska, had a magnum of champagne, met the gemini twins, got lost in a mine, got the cork stuck on the screw, got it up once and went down once on the big white thing.

We also felt the motion of the ocean, raced at the derby downs, bumped into a lot cars, floated through the sky, and TROIKA'd, TROIKA'd, TROIKA'd.

As usaual, the Raptor crew was hauling ass and the Mean Streak crew we're a lot of fun. Funny how one of the least liked rides has one of the best crews. Didn't bother with Mantis, already got my ride for the year earlier.

Saw the track for the new ride behind Mean Streak and there was more in the Soak City parking lot. Also saw the I-beams reported in the construction area. From PT, it looks like there are two sets, set apart from each other and are in the shape of a rectangle, sorry didn't take the camera with us.

As much as I'm going to blasted by this, I'm glad Maggie has slipped from the coveted number 1 slot. As Steve put it yesterday, "She starts to shimmy once you hit 70" and shimmy she does. Millie is much more deserving of the number 1 spot.

Another great day at CP. See you at Halloweekends.

loriu said:
"and went down once on the big white thing."

Lori, we dont want hear about what happened after you all left the park. ;)
--missing the uhings every day
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Wow... bummer that you're married, because that sure sounds like the kind of trip to an amusement park I'd like to go to (except for getting screwed in the rear... and that's Shaggy's term anyway)!

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LOL...you guys are too much.

Jeremy if you are missing us so much, get your butt in the car on Sept. 13 and join us at Kennywood for Phantom Fright Nights ;)

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