CP 8/25 TTD first time, WOW!

I really enjoyed this trip to one of my home parks. Met my friend at the front gate as the gates were opening. Just by looking at the parking lot, it was going to be a very good day. There was a 40% chance of rain with possible T-storms that never showed up. Also home school day, more families than thrill seekers.

Skyride from entrance, nice ride. Hardly anyone here.

2 Walk on Mantis rides - row 1 and 5, the second ride was a little rougher with more head banging. 9/10 and 6/10

1st MF test seat try, latch but no slack. see MF later.

Power tower red, one car wait. Fun and nice view of park and parking lot. Not as scarry as I remembered, guess I'm getting used to thrill rides now! Only took 4 years :) 8/10

TTD - first ever ride for me and friend, 11 AM, 1 hr wait including 15 minute breakdown. Saw three rollbacks in the hour. Attempt 2:1 Red train, belt too short, sent to unload part of station where ride op lets us pick any seat except front on Black Cherry. Seat 3:1 awsome ride! The launch is a surprise even with the lights. Great view from top, twist down wasn't bad at all like I was expecting. Stomach handled the ride fine. 10/10 #3 favorite coaster.

Train ride to back of park, great view of construction. Second inversion was being built.

Very Mean Streak 2 train wait, another nice view of the construction. While not as loud as last time, I still had a headache the rest of day. 2/10

Cedar Creek Mine Ride 2 train wait, first time for me. I hate those one click restraints for the whole car. Very difficult to latch, but finally made it. Slightly rough ride with a few surprises. 5/10

Skyhawk 2 cycle wait, another first time for both of us. A fun and exciting ride, I was surprised I kinda liked it. Somewhat short, which is good for me. Only two maximum height swings. 8/10 As a kid I did not enjoy the playground swings, especially with the funny stomach feeling. (I was more of a merry go round person, and tended to be the person pushing and jumping on, being one of the bigger kids in the class.)

Waited while my friend rode snake river falls. I didn't feel like getting wet, and didn't have extra clothes this trip. He enjoyed the cooldown, while I thought it was already cool.

Gemini Blue train only running, about 20 minute wait. Standard ride but missing the hand slapping. First drop still surprising, the helix has gotten better. 7/10

Magnum walk on. We both thought it was a little rougher than we remembered, maybe a little faster too. I was wanting to compare it to Shivering Timbers which I rode earlier this year, and I think ST has more airtime and is more enjoyable than Magnum. 7/10

TTD 2nd ride, sign said 1hr, but it didn't look like it. Turned out to be 15 minutes or less!!! Line was to the end of the divider. Same seat, same very fun ride.

MF try 2. My friend actually thought I had some slack left when I tried earlier, and he didn't understand earlier why I couldn't ride. After some explaination and a second test seat try, we hopped in the 1/2 hr line. unfortunately once on the train, my belt came no where close (3") to latching, let alone slack. Friend rode alone - his first ride on it, he really enjoyed it. I rode MF in 2000 and 2001. I will be sending a letter to show my displeasure of the test seat, and joining those on the MF diet! Hopefully next year.

Headed toward front of park realizing we could ride them all in a day. Iron Dragon 4 train wait, and longer during most of the day. Nice to remember that first coaster ride 8 years ago. 7/10 Skipped Wildcat due to long line all day, just not worth it.

Raptor 15 minute wait. A little rougher than normal. I have actually started to not like this ride due to high pressure in my legs, caused by high positive g-forces. 7/10

Demon Drop walk on, wanted to ride it incase it decided to be sold. I was actually not surprised by the drop and didn't get squished by the harness this time. 9/10

Avalanche sign said 15 minutes, seemed a little longer. Nice new theming in start of queue and on ride, or if its been there, it wasn't lit on previous rides. nice to see where the ride actually went. 8/10

WT 2 train wait, first time for friend. Nice ride as usuall. 8/10

Re-rides Gemini at dusk in front, bad idea! Didn't know about the bug problem. 3/10

3rd ride TTD 1/2 hr wait at 9:15 PM. wonderful night time view of park and Sandusky night lights. 10/10

Overall a very nice day with nice small crowds and nice rides. Going again Labor Day, two days after leaving a job and 1 day before starting a new job! Nice way to celebrate.

Sounds like you had a great time! 3 rides on TTD, amazing.
I hope to have that kind of luck in October.

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I don't know if it was me, but I noticed a difference in the belt length between the front, and back seats. The back seat belt I had no problem, and probably almost 2 inches of slack. The front seat I was just able to get fastened, and had just enough slack to be able to ride. It wasn't like that when they 1st altered the belts. I was heavier, and was able to ride without any problems. I am not sure when they shortened them again. I am sure someone else knows.

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