CP 8/25 - The day of no waits.

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Day of Visit: August 25
Park: Cedar Point

Well, today was pretty empty, rather short waits for everything. Lets start this off

Top Thrill Dragster (Rating: 9/10 | Wait: 15 min.)
First ride on TTD since last year it was down everytime I was at the park. Wow... intense. I love the view from the top. Worth the wait!
2nd Ride (Rating: 9/10 | Wait: 10 min.)
Somehow the line was shorter later in the day, don't know how, or care why, but I love it. Great ride

Iron Dragon (Rating: 7/10 | Wait: 1 train)
Has the coaster gotten even more rough? It seems worse than it did in 2003. Hmmmmmm...

Mantis (Rating: 8/10 | Wait: 3 train)
The ride has been progressively getting worse in my experiences on it. I don't like it anymore. Still a good ride, but I don't like it at all what I once did.

Millennium Force (Rating: 10/10 | Wait: 45 min.)
Smooth as ever. I'm not a fan of the new belt rule just because it delays the ride for some time. Serious stacking when one person cannot fit, and has to be removed. Otherwise, great ride. Hands up only way to go!

Cedar Creek Mine Ride (Rating: 7/10 | Wait: Walkon)
Doesn't seem as rough as it did in previous years, still the smoothest part is the ending helix (not the helix ending though.... oww).

Mean Streak (Rating: 0/10 | Wait: 5 min.)
Who said that Mean Streak is running better this year? Bull. Rough to where it gave me a horrendous headache, which it never had before. All "How was your ride?" questions were answered by a boo, and a proclamary "Burn It!" by someone. Amen to whoever you were.

Gemini (Rating: 8/10 | Wait: 3 train)
I don't know what happened to the ride but I like it. Last year when I rode it, it felt so much smoother than it did in 2002. I love the ride now, except for the end helix. Remove it... ;)

Magnum XL-200 (Rating: 7/10 | Wait: 10 min.)
Better than last year, but I never realized how bad the banking is on this coaster. Just the enterance into the pretzel you can see the fine craftsmanship of Arrow Dynamics... ;). Don't tell me the stories about engineering, I know then, and I am just yanking some chains...

Raptor (Rating: 8/10 | Wait: 15 min.)
IMO, worse than last year, but it just might be because I had recieved a terrible headache after Mean Streak, so it seemed worse, I don't know.

Wicked Twister (Rating: 8/10 | Wait: 1 train)
Better than before. Can't leave without twisting in the rear (I love that...;))

Disaster Transport (Rating: 8/10 | Wait: 3 min.)
Actually fun this time, as long as you are not stapled. I love bobsleds. Pretty fun, IMO.

Rides Not Ridden:

(Reason: Didn't want another headache)
Wildcat (Reason: Didn't want break run whiplash)
Blue Streak (Reason: Forgot. Wish I would have)
Jr. Gemini (Reason: Kiddie coaster)
Woodstocks Express (Reason: Kiddie coaster)

Overall Park Rating: 9/10

I love Cedar Point. Looking forward to my 2005 trip already! :)

Shaun Rajewski
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I'm surprised the waits weren't even shorter. I like the real "no waits" spread across the entire park when you can walk-on Dragster, gates open, without anyone in front of you. Who knew you could do that on a Friday night in May? ;)

Anyways, PKI has been *dead* this week. One-spin waits for Delirium, one drop waits for Drop Zone, one train waits for Sonny, literally walking on almost everything else,... This was a good week to go to a seasonal park if they're still open.


You called Dragster worth a 15 minute wait? Yeah right. That's worth 2 hours at least. :D Thats just me though.

Worth 2 hours to get a 30 second thrill? Maybe for a first time I could wait that long, but otherwise I would not wait that long with so many other quality rides to hit as well.


Mean Streak 'was' running much better earlier in the year than it has in previous years. I usually ride the coaster at least one time each year to see how it is running. One ride is usually enough.

The first couple of weeks of the season, I couldn't believe how it was running. I even took a (GASP!) second ride in the same day. I did the same thing with my next visit of the year.

When I went back in June, it seemed that Mean Streak was rapidly going back to the way it used to be last year.


I went in mid-June and had two back-to-back good rides on Mean Streak. I guess I just don't mind the bumps as much as a lot of people, but I'll take Mean Streak over Raptor or Mantis any day.

As for Gemini, I've always really enjoyed it and thought it was the most underrated ride in the park.

"Someone call the police! There's a pants theif on the loose!"
Why couldn't the line for TTD be 15 mins when I went last summer? I would wait the 4 1/2 hrs again (which btw I never even got on..)without hesitation. But oh well I guess. Suppose that's what I get for being stubborn and going for the front (any other row and I would have ridden).
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Matt... if you want short waits, always go the middle of the week in the last week of August. Local schools are back in session, plus being the middle of the week equals up to no waits. It was such a beautiful day!

Shaun Rajewski
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Epic Web Studios, LLC

Dan D McD said:

Worth 2 hours to get a 30 second thrill?

We are still talking about roller coasters, right? ;)

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