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Wednesday, August 22, 2001 8:44 PM
CP----After making our 4 hour drive from Cincinnati, we got to the park at 10 AM. We passed raptor and went to look at MF, we passed because of a 2 hour line. Then we went to Mantis and waited 45 minutes, i love this ride but the brakes half way down the hill are horrible, overall a good ride, wasn't in my top 5 from the trip though, Then on to Mean Streak for a 5 minute wait, decent ride but the brakes on the first hill are horrible. Then we went to Raptor, 1 hour wait, great ride, in my top 5 for the trip. Then we went off to Demon Drop, 10 minute wait, fun ride. Off to eat we went and had some good pizza. Off we went to my favorite ride of the trip, MF with a 1 hour 30 minute wait, we get up to the station and get to go right to the back seat. We get right on we were on the best ride i have ever been on, and one thing s suprised me big time! and that was how much air time i got! i was like out of my seat for like ever on the 3rd and 4th hill( the 2 ones before and after the tunnles) and the bunny hop was awesome too, Best ride ever, with air time this time. The we went off to Magnum, my friend and his mom waited the 45 minute wait and i went to Vertico. I did Big Bang and it was amazing, a brand new experiance worth every penny.  Then we went back to MF for another hour and a half wait, Same ride as last time but just in a different seat, just great. We got off the ride at 7:56 and my friend and i decided to run as fast as possible to get on raptor, as u can tell the park closed at 8, We got there just in time and waited 30 minutes. Great day at the Point.
SFWoA- well the 2nd longest line of the day was waiting for my mom and my friends mom to get tickets to get in, i had my AOL free ticket. Got in the park at 12, went to the boat because it was getting ready to leave, they wouldnt let us on with out our parents, we were meeting up witht hem later, so we had to walk all the way around. First ride, B:KF, 25 minute wait, front seat. Amazing much better than what i remembered, fast and intense great ride. Villian was next, 15 minute wait, back car, Great ride with tons of air time, Then off to superman, 45 minutes front seat, I Have always love this ride everytime i go on it greatride. We then checked out X-Flight, they said it would be 2 and a half hours so we passed, rode some flat rides and met our parents and ate. Then we went back to X-Flight and they said it would be 2 hours so we waited, this is the slowest moving line ever, 2 trains were on then it got stuck or something and started running 1 for about ten minutes then put the second one back on, Ended up being 1 hour and 30 minute wait over all, and the ride is almost number 1! I love the feel like your flying and how your face feels like its getting pulled back, I have stitches in my chin but lucky they didnt hurt, they need a longer track, its too short but amazing, We ended up ride B:KF 2 more times and Villian 1, Great day at SFWoA and comes close to CP because of great and unique rides with Short lines. Both parks were very clean with nice staff exept for one person at SFWoA.


CP- Mantis- 7/10----Mean streak-6/10------Raptor 10/10----MF 100/10!!
SFWoA- Villian- 8.5/10----Superman- 9.5/10----B:KF- 10/10, X-Flight- 99/10 not quite as good as MF!
Overall top 7 coasters
1.MF---------2. X-flight-------3. Raptor----4. B:KF----5- Superman......6. Villain----7.Mantis

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*** This post was edited by pkifan4life on 8/23/2001. ***

Thursday, August 23, 2001 2:40 AM
Two words for you...Paragraph breaks!  It is hard (if not impossible) to read long posts that do not have breaks in them.
"It's Deja Vu all over again." - Yogi Berra
Thursday, August 23, 2001 3:19 AM
redman no offense but give him a break.

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