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Started in Cincinnati at 4:00 am on the 19th. Arrived at the Breaker Express at 8:30 am got tickets and early entry pass. We went to TTD first, but I did not open until 10. after it opened we were on at 10:17 not to bad. The ride WOW! what a blast. The speed will blow you away. I noticed that if the line is in the Que. in front of the drink machine it will be about A 45Min wait even if they are telling to it is 2 Hours. In 2 day rode TTD-5 timesOne nights ride MF-5 times One night ride Raptor-2 times one night rid WT-1 Power shot-1 and Mag-7, mag was a walk on both days. It was two very good day the the Point.
Talk about short and sweet.

"You know its a good ride when you come into the final brake run wiping tears from your eyes."

I'd be a little depressed if I could sum up two days of vacation in 8 bad grammar lines ...

Give me launched or give me ... uh ... more launched!!

Hey, don't knock it... the fun comes through, and it's easier to read than a 200-line paragraph :)

Hogman, sounds like TTD was running fairly well? Were there significant breakdowns, or did it seem to run (relatively) smoothly all day?
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When I went the 18-19, Dragster was open from about 11:00 on the first day running smoothly until Closing that night, I was on one of the last rides in the second row. First ride was at about 1 in the afternoon.The second day it opened at about 5:00, but we opted to just ride MF and some other coasters some more. The ride is incredible, it is such an adrenaline rush. Usually I make a face for the onride picture, this picture was from a true thrill, I look like I'm constipated on the second pic, but I was in heaven. TTD is the most amazing coaster in the world!


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