CP 8-15 No more freeway!

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I went out to The Point yesterday and had a great time. The weather finally broke and was much cooler. There was a nice breeze off of the lake and not humid.

I started out at MF and got three laps in before the crowds arrived. And boy did they arrive. It's August and everyone is starting to realize that summer is almost over. I met a few people who were at the park for their first time and as usual told them about the freeway stamps. After MF, I headed to Mantis to get in a few laps before that line grew. I noticed that the Freeway Kiosk was not there. Going up the lift, I looked over by TTD and MF and did not see their Kiosks either. After three laps there it was 11 and I headed back to MF to find out that the Kiosk is gone. I talked to some people and the freeway thing is over with.

The rest of the day was great. The lines were long but moved well. WT broke down three times while I was in line. TTD ran very well all day. MF brokedown at some point during the day and did not reopen so I took my final ride of the night on TTD. I got the last train of the night. We all started chanting Rollback-Rollback-Rollback. The ride op said "Your going over and your going to go over fast" And we did. I'm still waiting on my first rollback.

The crowd was heavy all day. Raptors line never died down. It was over an hour at 4 pm. It really didn't get below 45 min. the whole evening.

#1 Steel: Sky Rush
#1 Wood: Voyage
#1Park: Holiday World

Sounds like a good time. Too bad that freeway is done with. I liked it. :( Maybe they are going with another system?

CP was amazing, going back next June to ride Maverick

Another system? So, if CP would go with another system... a "pay" system...does that make all systems you have to pay for suddenly "Okay?"
No! No park sanctioned line jumping system will suddenly be Okay!

#1 Steel: Sky Rush
#1 Wood: Voyage
#1Park: Holiday World

Nice TR.

Remember the good ol' days when everyone actually waited in line to ride the rides?

Please CP, please do not resort to a "pay to ride cut" line jumping system.

I kind of think that CP will not go to another system because one of their desires is for all paying guests to be able to ride all the coasters in one day, at least that's what they drilled into my head when I worked there in '99 and '00.

What if a "Bot-Like" system was only available for Resort Guests? How much would would that up the cost for a room at Breakers?

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

You mean do like Universal and give express access all day, on 95% of the rides for resort guests? It would not work... they only have 1 park for all their resort guests and other guests would probably throw fits all the time.

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