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Monday, July 7, 2003 8:04 AM
Me and my three friends arrived at the park at 8:30 AM to get into the park as soon as they let the Joe Cool Club members in. This occured at 9:00 AM. Once we got in, we made a mad dash for TTD even though we knew it wouldn't open until at least 9:30, but right at 9:30, we were on the first train out.

TTD: 2 rides; 1/2 hour wait(Waiting for it to open). The very last row is probably my favorite seat on it. The air over the top of the hill is incredible and the line the second time was moving very quickly with no break downs. 10/10

After TTD, we decided to ride:
Millennium Force: 5 rides, 5 min. wait: This is still my favorite ride at the Point. Fast, smooth and reliable. 10/10

Next up was Mantis: 1 ride, walk-on. Fun ride, but there was a bit of head banging especially on the part after the mid-course brakes. 8/10

Now it was time for my third favorite steel coaster:

Raptor: 15 min. wait, 10 rides. Still as smooth and fun as it was on its opening day. The best surprise was that they didn't have the midcourse brakes on all day so the second half was even more intense than it already was. 10/10

It was getting hot out already so we decided to take a ride on Snake River Falls. We knew it would get us soaked and it sure did. Good water ride. 9/10

Now we were off to:
Mean Streak: 1 ride, walk-on. One word can describe this ride: ouch. Good layout, but it hurts too much and there is little if no air time. 4/10

After Mean Strreak, we decided to go to:
Gemini: 2 rides, walk-on. Sure it's not the tallest or the fastest, but it is definately one of the funnest. 9/10

Now it was time for:
Magnum XL-200: 7 rides, 5 min. wait. This is another one of my favorites and it is still a great ride. Bunny hops are definately the best on this ride. 10/10.

We ate lunch at the Happy Friar and then went to Power Tower. We did both sides and it was a fun ride, buyt nothing special IMO.

Now we headed over to:
Wicked Twister: 1 ride, 10 min. wait. Fun ride, but I like SUE better because of the holding brake. Launch was fun and the twists are awsome. 8/10

After Wicked Twister, we decided to ride:
Corkscrew: 1 ride, walk-on. Didn't hurt as much as I remembered it did. Fun ride, nothing special. 7/10

After Corkscrew, we got Dippen Dots and watch Dragster for about an hour and decided on what to do next. We decided that our next ride was right in front of us. We waited for 2 1/2 hours and sat through 2 break downs and the removal of the gold train brining the train count down to 4. Quick question: has CP ever run all six trains at the same time?

Now we ate dinner at the Midway Market. Good food and it was realatively inexpensive as it was an all you can eat buffet. We hit Raptor a couple more times as it was a walk-on. And then we decided to go back and ride MF until closing. Right around 9:30, the sky started to turn ugly and as soon as we reached the ramp, it started to thunder and the ride was shut down. Us four decided to wait it out. After the majority of the people left, we would be on the first train to leave after the storm. After 10 minutes, we started to sing 99 bottles of beer on the wal and eventually got the whole line (40 people at the most) as well as a couple employees to join in. When we finished, the ride opened and we were on.

Overall, it was a great day, not too crowded, and quickly moving lines. Bathrooms were clean, employees were friendly, and hoipe fully we aren't too spoiled as we are going to SFWoA on Tuesday and are bracing for the worst.

Monday, July 7, 2003 8:20 AM
Good TR. I wouldn't worry about SFWOA too much, it is running MUCH better this year.
Friday, July 11, 2003 6:52 AM
TheRealCP's avatar Wow - you managed to get a lot in on your trip. :) Sweet! Hopefully I'll have that sort of luck tomorrow.

TheRealCP :)

Friday, July 11, 2003 9:11 AM
Wow sounds like you had a blast! No pun intended.... ;) Anyways I can't wait until the end of this month. Hope you enjoy yourself at SFWoA!

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