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Today was by far my best trip to Cedar Point. I had been planning on going today for a few weeks, but hearing that it might be the last weekend TTD would be open, in addition to being 4th of July weekend, I was worried about huge crowds, but it wasnt to be.

We rode TTD right away, after getting in the park around 10:20. It was a 2 hour wait, although almost half of that was breakdowns. We then rode everything there, including 2 laps on MF (maximum 30 min wait), and 5 on raptor (no wait).

MF was running faster than ever, we sat 2nd row from the front both times, and it was just incredible. Raptor was also running very fast, and the midcourse was off, which made for an incredibly intense helix at the end.

The lack of a wait for anything surprised me, and while I loved it, wouldnt you expect the park to be packed with this possibly being the last weekend TTD would be open? And the 4th of july weekend (with beautiful weather!) is always crowded, so where was everyone?

Well, there was never more than a 30 min wait for anything but TTD, so this was a great day. Hopefully there will be a few more this summer.

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