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Saturday, July 19, 2003 5:33 PM
Thursday - This was my first trip to the point this year and hopefully not the last this year. I just want to say right off the bat that CP has excellent crews and makes it so easy to wait in long lines because the lines never stop moving. I love this park, great rides, great atmosphere, and great staff.

We (my girl friend and I) arrived on Thursday around 9:20 at the Magnum entrance and waited 10 minutes until they let us in at 9:30. I had planned on heading to MF because everyone said TTD never opened with the park. Well my plans changed when I noticed TTD running and the line open. We got in line around the station and slowly made our way into the line. We only had to then wait in the first set of ques. At the split we went left and decided to wait for the front since we hadnt waited that long anyway. Once we got on we were out and preparing to launch. The launch is not able to be described. What a rush it was along with the whole ride. I love this ride, I dont like it better than MF but its still a great ride.

Next we hit PT, the side that shoots you up. Then we headed over to Mantis to get a freeway. After that we headed over to MF. It was closed at the time but just before walking off I noticed a train that was dispatched up the lift so I figured we could wait for a little bit. Sure enought the next train had passengers and the line opened. After only waiting a short time we decided to wait for the front seat. After waiting some more we were on and riding the ride I love in the front. Still a great ride, I wish my home park had a good steel.

After this it was about lunch so we decided to hit ID and Corkscrew on our way back to the TTD lockers. We ate a packed lunch with my family at the picnic place outside the park.

After lunch we hit Raptor since we were up front. A very short wait but I was disappointed they got ride of the overflow line for the front seat. Since this was not here they wouldnt let us wait for my favorite seat. So we took the back, my 2nd favorite seat. Raptor is such a great ride. Another awesome ride at CP.

We then hit Demon Drop on our way to DT. Not much to say about DT. The line is a nice break from all the heat but the I think the themeing is all screwed up now. Seems to me they are steering in 2 directions. One way is the trip to Alaska and the other is a futuristic theme. O well its still a fun little ride.

It was now about 2:30 so we headed to Mantis to use our freeway. We got up to the station quickly and waited for the front because I knew we would not be back to ride this again. After 3 breakdowns due to unbuckled seat belts we were on. I like this ride, I dont know why so many people dont. Its smooth and fun, the trim is the only thing I dont like about it.

Next we hit Wild Cat just to say we did. Then we went back through the forest to MS- rough as expected, CCMR-pretty boring but a good family ride, and Gemini- Fun and smooth, too bad they cant ever time it out so the trains even have a close race.

Then we hit magnum. While in line we watched TTD roll back for about the 3rd time so for the day. The line was short and got a nice air time filled ride on this classic.

After this we hit WT, Once in the front and once in the back. The launch isnt much after TTD but I still like it. I like the front better than back. I just like the visual of being able to see the top of the spike.

We then hit Chaos and ate dinner. After we had a air filled ride on BS and then hit Raptor in the front because we couldnt miss that seat. It was now 8 pm and I figured to try and get in line for TTD and then MF. TTD had just rolled back and they had the line closed. After they ran it again the line opened and we were in. The line was a little past the pop machines so I figured we has plenty of time to get to MF. And then the rollbacks began. Almost every 5 trains was rolling back and the ones making it were crawling over. Everyone in the que would stop what they are doing to watch and see if it was going to make it. People were even puttimg money on certain trains saying it wouldnt make it.

After moving it seems like almost the whole line by people leaving when it broke down we were right at the station entrance when it went down for something other than a rollback. After waiting a while they annouced it was closed for weather conditions. Everyone wondered what weather conditions, it wasnt even sprinkling. After 15 minutes of waiting they began to load. As soon as it was loaded a small amount of rain began to fall. It was closed again. The rain stopped in 5 minutes and after waiting 15 more they loaded again. As soon as it was loaded the exact same thing happened and it was closed yet again. After it stopped they opened the ride. We waited for front again because we liked it so much the first time. The ride was now working well without any rollbacks. At around 10:50 we got off.

We then rushed over to MF only to find a 15 minute wait. We got very last ride of the night in the 2nd seat.

Friday - We only had until 2:30 and got there around 10 at the main gate. We went straight to Raptor and then MF after both of these it was around 12. TTD had not opened yet but we saw a train launced so we made our way over there. The line was past the station but we waited, and waited and waited until we were finally let in. We waited 15 minutes and got to the station entrance and it broke down. After a short period of down time we got in line for the back seat. We boarded and were half way out of the station when we were stopped. They put us in reverse and we were let out of the cars. It was now 2 and we knew we didnt have much time. Luckly after 15 minutes it reopened and got my 3rd ride in 2 days on TTD.

We then headed over to WT just to try and get another ride in before we left. It was broken down as well and we left the park just happy to get that last ride on TTD.


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