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Saturday, June 28, 2003 10:49 AM
At 9:30 we arrived at the park and I went to process my pass. It took about 15 minutes and we proceeded into the park. The parking lot wasn't as full as it usually is around that time, as we parked decently close. Upon entering the park, we went to Millennium Force.

The wait was only an hour, and by the time we got in line it was 10 already. I can't say that enough, but that line moves so fast. We rode in the second seat in car one. This seat is great because you get to look over the shoulders of the people that waited an extra half hour for the front seat. Great ride, still takes my breath away. This is my favorite coaster in the world, no contest - but I am going to be on a S:ROS tomorrow for the first time so I'll have to see if it holds true.

Being tactical guests that don't cross the gigantic park 100 times we worked our way back to Frontiertown, but first we got a Freeway stamp for MF and Mantis. I'm not a big fan of Mantis and would rather only wait 10 minutes as opposed to an hour and a half. Anyhow, we went back to the flying swings and caught a nice ride there. My cousins insisted that we ride the flats too. But, they have named me the Ride Nazi and I insist we only ride coasters, not flat rides that take a half hour for nothing. Okay, so we went to CCMR.

I have NEVER waited for CCMR. There was a 20 minute wait, and it almost caused us not to ride it. It's a classic, and I couldn't come to Cedar Point and not ride it. We rode in the back seat and had a fun ride. We saw a kid who thought he was tough try to hit the supports as we crossed under the track and he darn near ripped his hand off. I guess he learned a lesson from the 50 signs that warn you of that. Next we walked back to the Mean Streak - just a 10 minute wait. This is one of my least favorite wooden coasters - there isn't any airtime at all. I'm a huge fan of airtime, and my whole group constantly made fun of me whenever we'd be out of our seats on any ride. They would yell AIRTIME! MS is running good this year though, I didn't get shook up too bad, but then again I'm used to RWB at my homepark.

Our last coaster stop before lunch was the Gemini. This coaster was an instant classic when they built it. It's one of my favorite rides in the park. I just love slapping other people's hands during a ride. It adds to the ride so much. We rode towards the back and had an excellent ride. Our train, red, lost but that was no big deal. We'd get 'em next time. So on our way to the pavillion we had to stop at the Witches Wheel. This is one flat that I really enjoy, and is my favorite flat of all time. It is so disorienting and just feels so great. I'm glad we rode that one before lunch.

So at about 1 we came back to the park and rode the Cedar Downs. This ride bores me. But, to be a good sport I rode it anyways. My horse lost, but I was glad it was over. We got to go ride DT and get it out of the way. The wait was only 20 minutes and I talked my uncle out of buying 3D glasses, and told him I could find a pair in line somewhere. Well, I was right, I found 3 pairs of glasses, all in great condition and we saved a few bucks. They really bring in the cash from every guest that just has to check out the blacklights under the cool shades. Our ride was nice. We were in the front seat, but that ride is just so short. I would love to ride it with the lights on to really get to see everything, but I couldn't make it to Coastermania.

Everyone's lunch was doing okay so we went and rode the Blue Streak. This is a good ride if you allow yourself some room. We rode it twice in a row, both times towards the front. Great airtime, great coaster. I don't care what others say about it, I think this is better than MS. After a couple of rides, we rode the Cadillac Cars (great) and Calypso (fun) and then headed over to Mantis for our 3-4 Freeway ride. We rode in the 3rd row because my family didn't want to wait for the front. It was a good ride, and I appreciate it quite a bit more now because I didn't have to wait any more than 10 minutes. If only they didn't have those brakes on the first drop...

Since we were in the area we rode the Iron Dragon which was a walkon. I'm sure this was a great ride 15 years ago, but it just doesn't do a whole lot for me. It was fun, and I couldn't come and not ride it, but I'd take other coasters over this any day. Next was the Wildcat. We waited 15 minutes and had a fun little ride. It's fast, a couple nice drops, and I love the small helices. Good ride! We had some time to kill before our 5-6 ride on MF so we went to ride Maggie.

We stopped at Corkscrew on the way to Maggie. I was really feeling the Corkscrew. Everyone else in my group had formerly hated it. But, I absolutely love and appreciate this coaster. I don't want to sound like I'm overdoing it, but we rode it 3 times in a row, and they all enjoy it somewhat to an extent that I do. I love Arrow loopers! I told them to lean into the corkscrews and they didn't bash their head like they said they normally do. So after that, it was time for Maggie. The whole walk there we had to share the midway with TTD. It is so tall! I wish it was open, but it being down didn't ruin our day the least bit. It's so hard to walk down that midway and not run into anyone who is gazing up at that coaster. I just can't wait for my ride! I have a season pass and hope it will be up again this year. The theming is incredible, but right now it's just a nice decoration for the park. It's all good though :)

Maggie was an excellent ride. We rode in the last seat, which I had never done before, and that first drop is incredible. You get pulled pretty darn fast off the first drop. The 15 minute wait was worth it. Great ride! Nice airtime! Fun coaster! The only thing I do not like is the lapbars how uncomfortable they are, and how you can be stapled so easily. If they had new lapbars, it might be just as good as Millie. But, it was 5, so it was time for Millie. For some reason it had got really hot, and I was very hungry. With a 10 minute FreeWay wait, we boarded and had a fantastic ride. We rode in the last seat and I must have blacked out from the first hill to the tunnel. I got very dizzy and everything became blurry... then we were coming out of the tunnel. I always ride with my hands up, and my cousin said she had no idea what I was doing. She thought I was joking around when she looked over at me. But, from what I remember, it was a great ride.

Obviously, it was time for dinner. My uncle was feeling sick, I was very dizzy (something I have never ever felt before. I never get motion sickness and could ride anything a million times without it getting to me) We ate dinner and went straight to the Raptor. Good comeback for us. The line, phenomenally 5 minutes. I was shocked. We rode it thrice and then headed to Wicked Twister. Raptor is my second favorite coaster in the park. It's such a neat ride! A little violent at the end, right before the station, but nothing I can't handle. WT was a good ride, towards the back. I miss that it doesn't have a holding break, but I like it anyways. I guess that's the price you pay for getting screwed in the rear!

Next on our agenda was Powertower Up. Nothing special for me. My cousin loves it so I did it for her. I had gone down before, but up was a lot different. I liked it more than down.. but wouldn't wait long for it. We only waited 15 minutes, so it was worth it I suppose.

We finished the night off with a ride on the Corkscrew, another Magnum ride in 1:3, but I was stapled so it was no fun. Another Gemini ride, my train won! Rode the Iron Dragon for my aunt's last hurrah. Then, we headed to MF at 9:15. We got to see the light show in line. But the ride was incredible. We rode towards the back. I will always say this about MF at night - that first drop you are plunging into nothing, into a dark abyss. I loved the ride. My aunt and uncle sat off because they weren't feeling very well, so we all made the face she made the first time she rode MF. They call it the force face. You hold onto your lap bar, look towards the camera. Close your eyes and distort your face. It was humorous. But our day was fantastic! A bunch of coaster rides, I couldn't have been happier!

Saturday, June 28, 2003 3:43 PM
Draegs's avatar I also hit up the park yesterday and have to agree that it was a great time. The weather was beautiful (warm and sunny, but not too hot until late in the day), the lines were short, and everything was running for the majority of the day.

The sun did take its toll on our group--Kara (STChick), Matt (MDOmnis), and Chris (Bummy)--and so many rides that allowed for a break in the shade was the remedy. Lunch off-point at Chet & Matt's for my first time ever and a round of 18 holes at Challenge Golf were some of the highlights.

I'm with you on Freeway too...MF and Mantis is the best approach for your two stamp opportunities.

James Draeger
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Sunday, June 29, 2003 12:19 PM
CP, even without TTD, is still arguably the best amusement park in the world. I'd take it over everywhere except my home park(IOA)

Two years ago I was EXTREMELY lucky to have gotten 11 rides on MF in about 2 hours(opening Friday of Halloweekends). The next day I rode it one more time when the park opened but the line got up to 1 hour for the rest of the day. This sums up my only trip to CP. Ggemini ROCKS!

Good TR. Glad to see someone posting something positive about CP without whining about TTD.

Sunday, June 29, 2003 3:56 PM
hey Zach, glad you had a good time!

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