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WEATHER: Hot hot hot. As we were leaving at 8 p.m., the sign at the front gate said 91 degrees.

CROWDS: Better than I expected. At 10 minutes for the drop side and a one-car wait for the shot side, Power Tower had the shortest lines I've ever seen it. Longest wait was 1.5 hours for the front seat of Raptor.

We also waited about an hour for front seat of Millennium Force (after the running of the bulls); about an hour for front seat of Mantis; 15 minutes for front seat of Magnum and back seat of Wicked Twister; 30 minutes for Disaster Transport; 30 minutes (!!) for Demon Drop; and 10 minutes for front seat of Gemini. Mean Streak was down when we tried to ride, so we skipped it.

FOOD: One slice of serviceable pizza (where's the sauce?) and a mini-corn dog/fries combo, both with Mountain Dew.

RIDES: This was my first ride in the front seat of MF, and it was incredible. I blued out from the bottom of the first drop all the way to the middle of the first tunnel.

Demon Drop, as far as I'm concerned, still offers a bigger thrill than either side of Power Tower.

I think I liked my ride on Mantis today better than my usual favorite, Raptor. The second "whoop-de-doo" literally threw me off my feet. Raptor was running well, no block breaks (nor on Mantis).

Magnum's trim was on, but it still gave a great ride. Wicked Twister seems to lose a little thrust every time I go. Disaster Transport - always thought it was fun. It was so freaking hot on the lift hill and waiting on the brakes though.

And, believe it or not, this is the first time I have *ever* raced on Gemini. I like the hand-slapping.

BIG (OBVIOUS) DISAPPOINTMENT O' THE DAY: Yep, TTD was down all day. There were signs everywhere begging forgiveness.

OK, so I know stuff happens, and they can't control when it breaks down, etc., etc. However, I think if you're going to canvass the local media with press releases announcing that the ride is back up, you better be pretty darn sure. I read the "TTD is back up!!!!" story in the Columbus Dispatch and saw it on FOX and NBC local news.

Anyway, I heard a *lot* of grumbling throughout the day. And I saw no activity on the ride throughout the day either.

DDR, ETC.: I am now officially an attention-whore. This is the first time I've really played DDR in front of people who have never really seen it before, so I kinda liked the gaping stares and compliments. I got several high-fives and even a nice round of applause after I passed Sakura.

Lessee... I played quite a few games... including (all on heavy): Twilight Zone (twice, failed once); Across the Nightmare (twice); Dam Dariam; Heaven Is....; Burning the Floor Momo Mix; CSFILSM; Sakura (twice, failed once); Mikeneko Rock; Sana Morette; I Do I Do I Do; 321 Stars; Tsugaru; Ska a Go Go; Gentle Stress; and one Nonstop Random round, which oddly gave me all old-school DDR songs: Paranoia Rebirth, End of the Century, Don't Stop! and Silent Hill.

I also played a ton of skee-ball (trying to win prizes for my niece and nephew); one game of Donkey Kong (Ready Rock C, give Jeff a hand!); and some San Francisco Rush.

REALIZATION O' THE DAY: That I'm getting old. After walking around all day in the heat and playing an hour of DDR (and my brother-in-law's hour of Mocap Boxing), we were both so dead tired, we had to rest for a good 30 minutes. Also, I got dizzy after almost every ride.

Good: Millennium Force front seat, DDR attention-whoring, CP B&Ms.
Bad: TTD misinformation, blistering heat, being old.

Thanks for reading.

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I'm not sure those "TTD is open" stories were from the park or if the press just ran with something. These people call the park on a daily basis for minute to minute updates. Something like this was bound to happen. It's been frustrating for the park to say the least.

Nice TR. I haven't been to the park since CoasterMania and - busy season or not - I'm more than ready to get back.

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