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6/18 - Left Michigan around 6:30 am and got at the park right at 10am. Saw sign said Dragster not operating. Kinda mad but got other rides to ride. Got into line for Wicked Twister, first time on it, was about 20 min wait, loved this ride.

After that I went to MF, 1hr 20min wait, better than the 2.5hr wait the last time I was there. Rode Manits which had a long line, was an ok ride, while on it saw dragster trains move and was like cool. Walked over to dragster and saw it test once, was a line to get onto dragster at this time which was about 12ish. I stood in it for awhile then left and rode magnum which is a cool ride, saw TTD test again, then rode Gemini and Mean Streak which made me get an head ache.

Walked towards the front of the park now, thinkin what to ride next, Decided to get on Demon Drop, love the quick drop. After that I decieded to walk to the back and which I saw TTD test again and took some pics. The were testing 6 trains at a time for about an hout or so. In which I stood in line at the begining of the testing know that they said it would be closed for the day.

They took off the water dummies and tested some more after that in each train the put a ride op in each train after that it was around 6:00 when they open the ride. I was near the enterence when they open. So when the let everyone into the station I was already there and waited for the front seat, my first time and didn't know when i would be able to ride it again. Rode the green train. Boy do I love this ride. I was so happy when I got off it made my day.

Shortly after I got off it had a break down so I was like i'm glad i got on it. After that I hit some small rides and left for hotel at breakers express.

6/19 - Got to park at 9 and they said TTD will be in operation today and was happy. Got in and rode MF twice before 10am, then went to Raptor and was down for mechanicl reasons, Train stuck on lift when i went by, then went to WT and that was also down to mechanical reasons. The morning was windy and rainy till about noonish.

Rode both side of Power tower and saw Raptor running and went over and rode it, didn't get it in the first day. About an 30 min wait when i was in line, very fast and good ride, seems like they were running it with out the breaks on the mid course breaks.

Then went to TTD, which already had a long line but decided to get in it. Waited about an hour and half before it opened. A cp worker was out in line tellin us when it does open it will be 3.5 hour wait where we were at. And when it open the wait was less than 30 mins. When I got in line was at the Station and it was a long line but was no 3.5 hour wait. The ride was running most of the day, had some break downs. I left at 7 so not sure after that.

I love this ride, rode it both days i was there and thatmade my trip worth the trip. If any of you saw me on wednesday i was wearing an orange shirt that said "Do you think you can ride me" and on thursday i was wearing a gray army shirt.

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I was there Wednesday, didn't see your shirt. I was also fortunate to ride TTD that day. And just to add to your comments, that coaster is amazing. Short, but sweet!


At least the ride is open.

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jkpark, what were u wearing that day? I was at CP wednsday too and was camping outside of TTD from about 11:00 till the time it oppened. I Was wearing a white shirt that had stealth on it, grayish nike shorts, and a silk-like black over shirt like thing. I had a tan camera bag with me and was wearing black sunglasses for some of the time. I got a ride on the front seat of the blue train with 3 teenagers that were waiting. Did you happen to see me at all?

Is the ride open though?

On the site it says it isn't.....but there have been times like that where its open and then they still have that status report saying it's down for the day!

Is TTD Open...im going again wednesday but i want to make sure its open...is there a number i could call before we go or something?


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coastingohio- You can call CP's info line to get an update on TTD, but they don't update it through the day. On Friday last week they said it was down, they were handing out the apologies at the parking gate, and sure enough thats when I got my one ride out or a week at CP. The # is 419-627-2350, prompts 1 then 4 for TTD info. I also found prompt 1-1 handy for weather info since the weather on the lake can be so different from where I was staying 20 minutes away.
awesome thanks shane

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