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Tuesday, June 12, 2001 9:05 PM
On Monday I went to Cedar Point for my first time. I went on Mantis first, waiting 5 minutes. It was fun, but not as intense as I expected.

Then I went to Millennium Force. I couldn't wait any longer. I sat in Car 3, front right. It was amazing. Easily my new favorite ride. I got chills down my spine at the top of the hill. This thing should be the 8th wonder of the world.

After that I went on Iron Dragon. Not very good, but my first suspened, and it is still a coaster. Then I headed over to Magnum XL-200. I waited just 15 minutes for the 2nd to back row. My park's hyper coaster has a line 3x that of Maggie's. I loved this ride! The airtime was great. I love the view of Lake Erie. The brake before the pretzel hurts the ride a little, but it still rocked.

Then I rode Gemini. It had no line, which I expected, but I did not expect it to be very good. I was wrong. This ride was really fun. It had some airtime, head-choppers and I thought it was smooth. I went on it two more times and then I went to Mean Streak. I waited about 15 minutes for it. Wow, the trim takes all the speed away. This thing is slow and has no airtime. If that ride had OTSR's I would be in a grave right now. Luckily it just has lap bars and I could take the roughness.

After MS, I went on Cedar Creek Mine Ride. I did not like this ride at all. It was very boring. Then again, it was 10x better than sitting at my house watching TV. I hit Woodstock's Express next for the track record. (Cha-ching!) and then I went on Jr. Gemini with my sister. (Cha-ching.) What a boring ride. I think my 4 year old sister was bored on that thing and we were in the front row. If people bash MM for adding Goliath Jr. just for the coaster count, I don't know why they don't bash this. Oh well, at least it is something the kiddies can ride. They are too short for most rides.

I ran to Magnum and went on it again. That ride is so fun. It is pure joy. Next I went on Disastor Transport, which said the line would be 20 minutes but I ended up waiting about 40 minutes. A very bad ride, but the darkness makes it fun. I found Blue Streak's entrance somehow and walked on it. This ride had no line at all. It really surprised me. For such a small ride, it had some impressive airtime. I went on it 3 times. It was really fun.

Then I walked around a little and enjoyed the atmosphere. On my way I went on Wildcat, which was fun for its small footprint, and Corkscrew, which was fun and really surprised me with alot of airtime on the hill after the lift. I like the corkscrews over the midway. It really adds to the fun.

After that, I ate and waited 45 minutes for Raptor. I had alot of fun on Raptor. It was very thrilling. The helix at the end is great. This is much better than B:TR, my only other invert. I got back in line and did it again waiting only a half hour this time. Then I got lucky. I filled a seat on Raptor and nobody said anything. I was very happy.

After Raptor, I went on Magnum again. Fun, fun, fun! I rode Gemini a couple more times before going on Power Tower, which I only waited about 20 minutes for. I went on the Space Shot side, and I was actually a little scared after watching how close it came to the top. I went on the 2 rideer side all by myself, which added to the excitement. I loved it. What a rush. It has been a while since I was scared of a ride before I went on it, and I like the feeling.

Then I had some time to kill before meeting my dad at Millennium Force at 8:00. Since Iron Dragon had no line and was in the area anyway, I went on it 5 times. By the end, I was having fun on the over water part of the ride.

Then I met my dad at Millennium Force and got in line. We waited about 1 hour and 15 minutes. I loved it just as much as the first time.

I ran to Mantis and waited 30 minutes for it. My opinion of it greatly changed this time. While I still thought it had a bad crew, I thought it was much more fun and intense this time. I just wish they were running 3 trains. I ran back to Millennium Force then, at about 9:55. I breathed a sigh of releif, I was in line on time. Then something horriblehappened. My dad made me get off because he didn't want to wait that long. I was mad. But then I got an idea. I sprinted all the way to Raptor and got in a 20 minute line. This ride was even better in the dark. When I got to my hotel, I found out that I was a human windshield on it. There were dead bugs all over my shirt. Gross! I had a great day at CP. It is my new favorite amusement park. The service is excellent. It is very clean and it is beautiful. I also went Tuesday, but I don't want to post another Trip Report.

Bull rides:41
Batman rides:33
Wednesday, June 13, 2001 9:32 PM
Great TR. Sounds like you had a fun time.
Thursday, June 14, 2001 1:49 PM
Wow, you got on a lot of stuff in one day! I can't wait to make it there someday in the near future. I just have to convince my parents to let me take a road trip, since I know they won't want to go to Ohio! :( Oh well, at least I get to go to the Virginia/DC parks this summer, because they're near points of interest. Anyway, great report, sounds like you had an awesome time!
Thursday, June 14, 2001 2:01 PM
Well, you got to add in the fact that SFGA2001 waited for about 15 minutes or less on some of the coasters there. But for the first time to the park, it looks like you had fun. Maybe now you see why so many people love the park so much.


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Friday, June 15, 2001 4:00 AM

People from all over take road (and air) trips from all over to Ohio just to take in the parks.

If that is not all in your parents bag, there is plenty of other things to do. First off Cleveland is a great city. It's not too crowded, it doesn't smell, and the lake is beautiful. There is the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame, Jacob's Field (one of the nicest fields around), The Flats (unless you are a partier stay away from this at night), and many other things.

Dayton has the Air and Space Museum

Akron has the Akron Aeros/Canal Park. I think it was voted most beautiful minor league park. I work there as the ice cream vendor. My best friend Chris is the peanut guy. If anyone sees two tall blonde haired kids walking up and down the seats yelling that's us. If bowling is your thing I think Akron is the bowling capitol of the world.

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Friday, June 15, 2001 8:17 AM
;)What are the flats? I've never been there. ;) Is there a nice bar there or something? A friend of mine said he went to the circus there, is there enough room for a circus? ;)

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Friday, June 15, 2001 8:29 AM
You don't need a lot of room for a "circus" there, just lots of singles. ;)

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