CP 6/1 - 6/3 (from Florida)

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Myself and my friend Andrew arrived at Cleveland Hopkins Airport from Ft. Lauderdale at around 4 o'clock. After getting the rental car, driving to Sandusky, and making an ill-advised stop at McDonald's, we arrived at Breaker's Express at a little after 6 pm (Tuesday, 6/1).

We had 2 Starlight tickets from the package so this was the only day we'd have use for them, so we went. This was Andrew's first visit and my second. We parked back by Magnum at around 8. Rode Magnum first. Andrew was impressed by the airtime and it was better than I had remembered. After that, we noticed TTD up and running. Since last year I made the trip semi all-for-naught, I told him we must ride...now!

We were on within 30 minutes. Woah... the anticipation... revving... revving.... woooooooosh. Amazing (unfortunatley each subsequent ride was less impressive, but that's to be expected). After that we headed for Mantis, because MF was down. Mantis is Mantis. It's better than death I guess.

At 9:30 MF reopens. We were both blown away. Loved it. Able to get a second ride that night.

Day 2, Wednesday: Forecast - Scattered T-Storms

Arrived at the park a little after 9. Got 2 rides on MF with minimal waits.

Waited for Dragster around 10, for maybe 30 minutes but rain prompted us to exit the line. After lunch we re-entered the line and waited for over 2 hours, with the rain again prompting us to leave the line. The rest of the day nothing really special happened until nightfall. We entered the TTD que for the 3rd time that day around 9pm. It was raining on and off and the park was about to close, but we really had no worries, because we knew we would get on or at the very least get a re-entry TTD ticket. 11 pm rolls around, we're at the final que turn before the station. ROLLBACK CITY!!!

I swear, 7 out of 10 launched trains were rolling back, it was crazy. Most of which were occupied. Since rollback = approx. 10 mins. to launch again, we were hating it. Every launch at this time prompted the crowd to chant in unison * GO! GO! GO! GO!* as the train acended. As we entered the station, we noticed the front row line was 2 people shorter than all the other rows, so we grabbed it.

Dragster, front row, 11pm. It was good, but I would prefer the ability to see the scenery. Here's my overall assessment of Dragster.

Launch: Amazing. The ascent, I remember, doesn't feel as dramatic as it looks. For me the ride is all about the descent. It feels like a freefall beside a building (the building being the large post of the tower beside your head).

It is too short, and for me, no longer worth a multiple-hour wait.

Those are the significant highlights of the trip, my top 5 now is:

1. MF, 2. TTD, 3. Montu, 4. Hulk, 5. Raptor 5a. Magnum

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Sounds like a fun trip. So you only rode Magnum, Millenium Force, Mantis,and Dragster? No Raptor or Wicked Twister? Can't wait for my trip out there in August.
No, we rode everything. Just tried to avoid mentioning that Mean Streak hurts and Cedar Creek Mine Ride sucks and stuff like that which everyone already knows. :)

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Also, what's the deal with no photography on Paddlewheel Excursions??

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