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This was my third year in a row traveling to Cedar Point all the way from Florida. I was coming from Orlando and met a friend from Ft. Lauderdale, we landed in Cleveland only 10 minutes apart.

Wednesday night, we both got in around 6:15, got the rental car, missed the exit on I-80, but still managed to get to Breakers Express by 8:00. After checking and settling in, we had an hour and half before the park closed. So we left with starlight-tickets in hand, went to the parking lot by Magnum. This parking lot is fantastic, you get an outstanding view of the coasters and scenery/lake, while avoiding a lot of walking and hassles.

Upon entering we went right for Magnum, a coaster that I hadn't been too fond of the last two years. This time, though, I loved it for some reason. Maybe because I sat nearer to the front, where the bunny hill airtime is still plentiful but not painful. It now ties MF and Dragster for my #1 coasters. (yeah, 3 number 1's... i make the rules).

I was surprised that Dragster was operating, on the webcam earlier in the day the trains were still on the storage/transfer track. I was excited. We got out ride in the back row after about a 40-50 min. wait (the average wait time for our 5 Dragster rides on this trip). I was very impressed with Dragster, no substantial breakdowns during 3 days at the park. Surprisingly enough, CP is still playing the audio track calling it the highest and fastest coaster in the world... I wonder how much longer they'll continue doing this.

We also rode Mantis and MF that Wednesday night. We wrapped up the day with dinner in the bar area of Fridays (because the dining room closed at 10).

Thursday: Breakfast at McDonald's. Sausage Biscuit (mmmm). We didn't get to the park until about 9:45, rendering our Resort pass useless. With everything being a decent wait, we headed for Dragster. After we boarded the front row, approaching noon, there was a breakdown of about 20 minutes. Fortunatley, they let us stay seated in the car in the station. There was a pretty good looking ride-op Carmella that I was making small talk with. I was pretty close to asking her out but I choked. Oh well.

We went on Wildcat and had a great time! Boy is this coater fun. Also took a spin on Iron Dragon. Then we checked out the back of the park, because it was Josh's first time there. I didn't enjoy Gemini at all, and Mean Streak... need I say more?

Lunch was at East Chicago Pizza grossfest. This place isn't terrible, but if you do go, its a better idea to get a pizza instead of the buffet. The buffet is 6.99, but a whole one-topping pizza is 7.99.

We got some surprising sun by the pool at BE. It was very overcast this day but we both came back from the pool red, after only about an hour and 15 mins. Its pretty funny we live in Florida and went to Ohio to get a suntan.

We went back to the park around 5. (I really enjoy splitting up the day like this. It makes the latter portion of the day much more enjoyable when you leave the park for a bit, IMO.)

Still having not been to the front of the park, we checked out the bathroom in Macaroni's (for Josh's emergency... I recommend this bathroom very highly by the way) and went on Raptor, WT, and DT. WT and DT pretty close to walk ons, and Raptor a bit of a wait. Unfortunatley, Raptor broke down just when we were about to dispatch, we were stuck in our seats for about 10 minutes, and had the opportunity to leave... so we did. It was up and running 10 mins. later. Raptor was great as usual, WT ditto, DT meh. Blue Streak was fun, I think it bent the sunglasses that were in my pocket though. The line for MaxAir was very long... didn't ride it. We did ride Chaos though, great ride but the operation of it sucks because the op has to go to each car to manually unlock it.

I'm not sure how we finished that night at the park... MF or TTD... hmmm... either way... but we did have dinner at 'Coasters' diner by Iron Dragon. What a rip off, especially 2.95 for fries which are the equivalent of a McDonald's small.

Friday / Coastermania: We didn't wake up till 9, again rendering our resort pass worthless. Made the best of the BE Krispy Kreme breakfast and hit the park. Started the day on Magnum's greatness, then TTD front row. We went on White Water Landing before leaving the park for lunch.

Lunch at McDonald's, then rested in the room till about 4:30.

We ended our last day with a good amount of walking, shopping, asking out Observation Tower operating girls and final rides on TTD and MF. Our last ride on TTD we were sitting in the back and came verrrrrrrrrrrrrry close to a rollback, and my assumption is, the TTD train probably looks slower going over the top than it feels. I wish I could see what it looked like from the ground, but trust me it was close. Our last ride on MF we had a Freeway (9:00-10:00) Stamp. Waited about 20 mins., back row. Great way to end the trip.

While walking out of the park (to the back parking lot), we passed what I assume were Coastermania people lining up for Magnum. It was pretty cold that night. If anyone reading this was at the park that day I was wearing jeans, a black 'Swingers' shirt and a black SheiKra hat.

A great trip to CP... maybe I'll make it four years in a row, next June. Thanks for reading. ;)

Edited to add link to pictures. I'm the one next to Charlie Brown, or whatever Peanuts character that is. http://usera.imagecave.com/kenny_schmitt/CedarPoint/ *** Edited 6/4/2005 10:43:40 PM UTC by I am Jack's Coaster***

This is the guy, behind the guy, behind the guy
You shoulda gone for it with Carmella. CP employees really know how to party! ;)

In any case, glad to hear you enjoyed yourself at my old stomping grounds.

Rich G

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