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Wednesday, June 4, 2003 12:14 PM
A little late but ok... :)

Woke up at about 7am, and we left from my cousin’s house at around 8ish.. Arrived at CP at around 10:20 or so ready to ride!

After taking a bathroom break.. We adjusted our hot-pink fury pimp-hats and our false name tags on our CLP uniforms, and went right to Raptor. The line seemed too long to wait, and told my cousins it would get shorter, so we left and went to WT. After being told we could not bring our super-cool hats onto the ride, we shoved them in lockers all day, and were off to ride… Walked-on 2nd to back on WT.. Very nice ride, so we went again. for another ride.

It was then off to PT for some up action.. Walk-on this also, and as we were walking through the line, we had to stop and look at the beast next door… This was my first CP visit of the year, so I just had to see it launch.. And WOW, how intense it looked! I couldn’t wait to get on it.. So after our ride on PT, we were off in line for TTD.. After being in line for ½ hour, counting how long it took the train to take off after the brakes dropped (3..2..1.. BOOM) the ride shut down due to a train malfunction.. So you saw the train being taken off, and the other being put on.. Keeping 5 trains on. So after another ½ hour, and a very close rollback on the train just put on, the line moved.. An hour later, we were sitting down in the 2-1.. My cousins and I were cheering as they were about to dispatch.. We then moved into launch area, we were locked on, brakes dropped, hands went up…. BOOM! Most intense launch Id ever felt. You literally cannot breathe. Pull up vertical, fly to the side of the train as you twist. Up and over with ejector air, and down the other side.. Again flying into the other side of the train. You then pull out, hit the brakes, and cheer.. I underestimated the ride so much.. It was too amazing to be true, so we all decided we needed a night ride in front seat…

After checking our on-ride photos, laughing at the deformed faces.. We were off to Mantis.. Never again will I ride it.. After a ½ - 45min wait, the ride was really uncomfortable and boring.. So right after that, we went to MF.. 45mins later, we were assigned to the middle of the train, and were off. A good solid ride on MF, full of laughs.

After our ride on MF, we hit Wildcat which was really fun. I just love those turns and those hills. Better ride then Magnum, Mantis, and some other selected rides at CP ;)

We then decided to ride Iron Dragon since it was walk-on, and felt we needed to ride. It wasn’t all that bad. Slow yes, boring somewhat, fun yes. We headed onto the sky-ride to the front of the park were we rode Raptor backseat. Intense as always, smooth as ever. We now wanted to take a little break by playing the bowling ball midway game (roll bowling ball up steel rails to stop in the middle). My one cousin, who ran midway and carnival games all his life, knew how to play. After only 1.50$, he had two prizes. Not bad for a game that costs .50$ a play. We then went arcade hopping to the large arcade next to Raptor. Spent about ½ hr all together in there.

We were then off to WT again, for a 5min wait for the best seat again; 2nd to back, right side. After an amazing ride, it was around 6:45pm or so, and decided we needed to leave at around 9:30 since they had to drop me off at home, his g/f off at home, and we all had school the next day. So we decided to ride Raptor in the front, which had a station wait.. But this Raptor ride was really rough. The cobra-roll, flatspins, and the ending were very rough. My ears were pretty red after, so we were pretty disapointed. We then hit PT again (down) and another ride on (UP). After that we went ro go ride MF, and then go to Dragster. So after another fairly short ½ hr wait for MF, we got in line for backseat, and had a great ride. It was now around 8:35 or whatnot, and got in line for TTD. After an hour wait, we made it up to the station. By this time it was getting dark, the bugs were out, so we got in line for front. I counted a 17-train wait for front. So after another 1/2 hour wait we loaded onto the blackish purple train, and dispatched into the pre-launch area. Watching the train launch in front of us.. We had chill down our spines. Not from the ride, but how cold it was! I’m guessing around 55* or so.. But we moved into the launch section, watched the hydraulic thingy lock under the train, and we were ready.. The brakes dropped, and yet again.. Another extremely intense launch.. Now the wind in the front was so strong, you cheeks were flapping, your eyelids were being pressed to your eye, and everything got blurry. Up and over we went, for an intense stream of ejector airtime, following a sweet view of the 270* heart-line spin down.. After the pullout, and random hits of little bugs against the face we slowed down. After flicking the bugs off our faces, and laughing on how great the ride was, we were done at CP. We got off and started our walk to the front of the park at around 10:10. .

The weather was perfect, the rides were awesome.. Didn’t waste time riding Magnum. It was a picture perfect day at the park. My experiences on Dragster were holy, and just so amazing. Can’t wait to go back to America’s Roller Coast. later this month :)
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Thursday, June 5, 2003 11:43 AM
Oh yea.. Do you think WT will ever run at full power again? Or will it always stay at "half-mast" ;)

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