CP 6-22 & 23 Airtime Goodness

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Ok I'll make this as informative as possible because CP is the greatest place ever made! First we stayed at the breakers express and it was a very good motel because of the ERT. This is my 2nd trip to CP.

A CP resort is a must because the ERT is so rad! Both days I got 2-3 Laps on MF within an hour and I got the first train of the day both times.

Johnny Rockets is the best place to eat hands down b/c of the atmoshpere and great milkshakes. It was pretty crowded but still enjoyable. Now to the ride reviews worst to best

Mean Streak - 3/10 = Well I had hope for this coaster and when I saw the hill I was hyped. I got on and it was rough and no airtime what so ever. This is a total waste and it gave me a headache the rest of the day.

Corkscrew - 5/10 = Ouch, hard seats

Iron Dragon - 5/10 = No airtime and really slow and boring.

Mine Ride - 7/10 = Slow but surprising elements. You can see MF clearly and there is no wait.

Disaster Transport - 7/10 = Don't buy the glasses and this ride cracks me up on the theming and how you arrive in Alaska. Alaska?!?!?!

Blue Streak - 8/10 = Awesome pop airtime and a classic.

Raptor, WT, Mantis - 8.5 = Well these rides are cool but flipping isn't my favorite now. Get the front and back seats for a great ride.

Gemini- 9/10 = I love this ride, the first drop is the greatest and you fall out of your seat. It is so smooth and there is no wait. I liked the drops after the turns and the money/air seats are the 3rd and 2nd to last seats because the back is rough.

Magnum - 9.5/10 = I just love this ride! So much air in the very back and 1-3. So much air it hurts! I wish the bars didn't come down so far and weigh themselves down. Get this ride at night when there are walk-ons. Watch for the 3rd hill and bunny hops.

Millennium Force- 10/10 = Gosh I rode this 7 times total: 5 times ERT, 1 time Freeway, and 1 time closing ride. There is so much air on the first drop if your lap bars are decently off of your legs. Look over the side at the very top and I almost blacked out before the first tunnel. I rode this last at night and it was my best run. The ride ops didn't push down on the bars and I got psycho air.

Power Tower- 9/10 = This ride is so great on the red side that shoots you up. It is a rush to go up so high and get so much air when you come down! There was really no wait for the red. The teal (drop) side doesn't have as much air and is a longer wait. I had to have ridden this 10 times.

Overall there were many many rerides on PT, Magnum, and Gemini. MF was ridden a lot with the ERT. Get to this park ASAP because even if there are crowds, you can get so much riding in! Breakdowns on the lift hills on my fav coasters and WT were fixed within an 1/2 - 1 hour. It was very hot (96)and you can get FREE water from any drink stand. O yeah, someone went #2 on MF's 2nd car on the yellow train. I feel sorry for that ride op, the funny thing is that when I came back for my night ride, the car was taking passengers. Those riders have no idea.

I saw area 51 and it was smaller than expected, maybe not a coaster this time. My best coaster guess would be a compact LIM with lapbars! Thank you for riding and enjoy your stay at America's roller coast!

Hypersonic where are you?

Hey I was at the Breaker's Express the exact same days as you... I just got back today we went the 22 and 23. I really enjoyed Cedar Point. I saw Jeff on the Wicked Twister line in the morning on Saturday the 22. You were right behind us wearing a Montu shirt and I was the guy with the black Mets hat, sideburns, and was wearing a light blue Quicksilver shirt:) I wonder if I might of passed you coasterfreak...

Lol ghettocoaster, well I was with my friends and I'm a pretty short asian guy. I was wearing a white AE shirt with red and blue. Short hair cut, if you were at PT, Gemini, or Magnum for a while, you may have seen me. We were at these rides for so long especially Magnum at night. Did you see MF get stuck? I got on WT on at like 9:45 am right after MF. Lol being at the same hotel is really funny.

Millennium Force can get you to fall out and black out, a great ride.

Haha, yeah I was on the line for Mantis while Millenium Force was stuck and we watched it start slowly creeping its way up to the top and over. They were up there for a little more than an hour I think... poor people:)

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